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Note: I’ve added a download link (torrent) for the movie at the bottom of the post. Scroll down to see why I actually bothered.

Erm, yeah, a bit of a serious-sounding title there ’cause I couldn’t come up with anything else, so let me warn you. The following is in no way a serious review of any sort. I’d say it’s more like a Minachan fapfest instead =D

First of all, a summary of the movie’s events, copy/pasted from the PFF award site (yes, this movie has won an award XD If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have even gotten this 1 week DVD thing in the first place =x) because I can’t bother with writing one.

When a sick mother mistakes her son’s boss, a secondhand shop owner, for her deceased husband, her daughter asks her brother and his boss to pretend to be a family for her sake. But her brother cannot give in to her and…
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Third Track from Kotobuki Minako's Debut Single Streamed!! Sweet songs are sweet~

So we’ve now heard two out of three songs from Shiny+ and neither is the title song, how ironic is that? (No, those 15s from the CM don’t count XD).

Hajimari no Basho is, as expected, a song about Kobe, Minako’s hometown. Style-wise, its kinda like soft rock I guess, kinda slow, but not exactly a ballad. To be honest I didn’t really expect this kinda of song (unlike back with Lilac which was exactly the kind of thing I was expecting from Minako) but that’s not a bad thing seeing as I generally prefer listening to this kind of songs more ^^

My only regret is that none of the songs on the single seem to let Minachan’s vocals shine all that much, but she sounds good enough, so it’s okay~

Just one more week until Shiny+ release!!

Second Track from Kotobuki Minako's Debut Single Shiny+ Streamed!! Lilac is teh Love

…And after the long wait, we FINALLY got to hear SOMETHING from Minachan’s first single!! Damn you Music Ray’n for being so slow >_>

But DAMN was the wait worth it! Lilac is such a sweet song, perfect to hum along to, and generally very pleasant to the ears ^^ The highlight for me is the arrangement, the piano and violins are mixed in a slightly cutesy, teasing way, with the guitars playing behind harmlessly. Personally, the song reminds me of Mizuki Nana’s Polaris song (remember I’m a Nanatard too XD Anything new I hear, I’ll probably try connecting to a song of hers first lol) but it feels like less of a wannabe. Natural, so to speak. Well, I was totally expecting this kind of song from Minachan, so maybe that’s why I get that natural feeling from it.
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How to distract myself until September 15th… Midnight Rambles blah

Probably the best answer~ And something I should be doing atm since it's 3 am...

In case you have no idea what’s happening on September 15th, check this~

I’m basically counting the days, hours and minutes until that day comes (even though the songs + PV will probably get leaked beforehand, at least partly) and I figured I had to complain somewhere XD

I think the easiest distractions I’ll be finding until then are 3 Sphere-related releases that should distract me for a week each Read more of this post

KOTOBUKI MINAKO to Make Solo Debut in September!!!!!

OMG I’m posting something here?! Yes yes, because this news is just too awesome to not post everywhere possible. This is the best thing I’ve heard in a really really really really really long time!!!!! Yes, all those really’s, I’m serious.

I know people generally know me as a Mizuki Nana-tard, but Nana’s always been like some sort of holy being… My Goddess so to speak. So who is this Kotobuki Minako? Well… SHE IS MAI WAIFU >=D Yeah, it happened kinda recently, but you’re not supposed to find “the one” all that fast, right? :p (Then again, we’re both 19, that’s early enough I’d say XP)
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Random thoughts about Kobayashi Yu's "new" unit, Crush Tears

^The reason behind this post...

First off, I say “new” (between quotation marks) because it’s not really new anymore. They’ve already released their first single a couple months ago (in February to be exact). They’ll also be releasing their second single on the 7th of July (ah, busy day that is, isn’t it?), so it’s looking solid enough at the moment.

By the way, be warned that the following is a random, midnight ramble that just popped in my mind as I was flipping through my copy of Pick-up Voice vol.30, which had just arrived this morning, for the 77th time now. At the very end (or beginning, depending on whether you wanna start from Nana’s or Sphere’s side, but take a guess where I started from XD) there’s a single page dedicated to, well, Crush Tears.

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I think most people should already know about this ’cause I’ve been spamming Twitter since the second I put my hands on the CD XD Don’t blame me though, I’ve been waiting for a chance to get this for last year almost, and I finally managed to get my hands on a decently prized copy through Yahoo Auctions Japan (^o^)/

And since I’m such a nice person, I decided to upload the thing and share it with everyone out there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually 100% against sharing artists’ stuff on the net, but this is a special case, since only 7,777 lucky bastards got sent the thing (totally at random and totally ignoring us foreigners to boot >_>). So yeah, since I myself have been waiting impatiently to listen to it, and I know that many others as well (seriously, why the hell is there no copy of it out there yet o.O?!), I went out of my way and ripped it (both in FLAC and MP3 320 CBR!!)~

Links at the bottom:

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