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2011 in review – rehi edition.

Not really related, but super cute so whatever~

Being the ドS person I am, I just won’t let this blog rest in peace just yet :p

So what was 2011 like for rehi? I could very well just summarize it with “I DISCOVERED ABE MAO AND TOKYO GIRLS STYLE AWESOMENESS SO IT WAS AWESOME.” but well, let’s try a little bit harder than that lol

Best of anison:
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[Review] AKB48-related summer releases 2011

Summer is (almost) over, and yours may have been fun or boring, relaxing or stressful… but if you’re an AKB48 fan, sure there’s been at least one good thing about it: the massive amount of releases from them and their subunits and sister groups. From June to August, there was at least one AKB-related release per week (if we include DVDs / BDs and photobooks). As for the music releases, some of them (mostly singles) were really nice, others were not-so-good, but I took my time to listen to them all and now I’m going to share my impressions with you guys!

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Tokyo Girls Style – when lolis perform mature songs better than most adults do.

So I wanted to write a post about 7!! (read as “seven oops”) really, but figured it’s too soon when they only have 2 singles out so far (i.e. keep your eyes out for them ’cause I’ll be mentioning them again if this blog still lives by then). Instead, I’ll be introducing the newest loli group that’s gotten me hooked (as if loving Matsui Jurina wasn’t enough to make me feel like a pedo), Tokyo Girls Style (Tokyo Joshiryu if you like your Japanese).

What’s so special about TGS you ask? Well, for the first time in my life, I can put a hand to my heart and say that I loved a girl group purely for their music. I’m dead serious here.
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[Review] Some Recently Released Anison

*pokes reader* Oi, blog’s not dead yet!

So yeah, the title this time around should give enough of an idea about the content of this post. Let’s just get on with work shall we.

The good:
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First half of 2011 in review: my top 10 Japanese albums of the year so far

So the first half of the year is gone already… time sure flies, doesn’t it? 2011 is turning out to be pretty nice in terms of Japanese music and there have been many albums I enjoyed, even if I’m the kind of person who prefers to listen to individual songs rather than albums as a whole. Are you curious to know which ones have been my favorites? Then, keep reading this post!

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First half of 2011 in terms of ANISON

Well here we are, halfway through 2011 already. Time flies, time flies. And with it a bunch of anime come and go, leaving behind trails in the forms of tears (ANOHANA ;_; ), laughs and what’s important for this blog, music.

I’m not sure what to make of the fact that I knew which single I’d be crowning as my no.1 for the first half of the year without giving it barely any thought. It could mean two things:

1, said single is just too damn awesome.
2, everything else was just darn shitty.

Well, I say it’s a mixture of both lol

Anyway, let’s just get on with it shall we.

Best anison single of 2011 (first half):


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[Translation] Stalker no Uta ~3 Choume, Anata no Ie~ – Abe Mao

Title: ストーカーの唄 〜3丁目、貴方の家〜 (Stalker no Uta ~3 Choume, Anata no Ie) – Stalker Song ~3rd Block, Your House~

Artist: 阿部真央 (Abe Mao)

Lyrics: 阿部真央 (Abe Mao)

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