Third Track from Kotobuki Minako's Debut Single Streamed!! Sweet songs are sweet~

So we’ve now heard two out of three songs from Shiny+ and neither is the title song, how ironic is that? (No, those 15s from the CM don’t count XD).

Hajimari no Basho is, as expected, a song about Kobe, Minako’s hometown. Style-wise, its kinda like soft rock I guess, kinda slow, but not exactly a ballad. To be honest I didn’t really expect this kinda of song (unlike back with Lilac which was exactly the kind of thing I was expecting from Minako) but that’s not a bad thing seeing as I generally prefer listening to this kind of songs more ^^

My only regret is that none of the songs on the single seem to let Minachan’s vocals shine all that much, but she sounds good enough, so it’s okay~

Just one more week until Shiny+ release!!


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