How to distract myself until September 15th… Midnight Rambles blah

Probably the best answer~ And something I should be doing atm since it's 3 am...

In case you have no idea what’s happening on September 15th, check this~

I’m basically counting the days, hours and minutes until that day comes (even though the songs + PV will probably get leaked beforehand, at least partly) and I figured I had to complain somewhere XD

I think the easiest distractions I’ll be finding until then are 3 Sphere-related releases that should distract me for a week each (from one release to the next really). First is Takagaki Ayahi’s debut single, slated for release… This Wednesday! I have a copy of the limited edition ordered, but it won’t get shipped until 2 weeks later (read on to know why~). My first reaction to Ayahime was something along the lines of “she’s the one dispensable Sphere member” but after getting more into Sphere and stuff, I’m kinda starting to like her… Kinda…

But putting aside first impressions, there’s one thing that’ll definitely make me never dislike Ayahime (apart from the fact that I could never hate anything about Sphere XP Or rather… I could never hate anything Mina-chan likes lol) and that’s how hard she tries with everything she does (ok, maybe she over does it sometimes, but oh well). So I basically ordered the single on a whim, since its release date fell close to Sphere’s new single release date, and I figured, “well, it’s nice to support debuting artists” and now I get the feeling I might have ordered the best single I’ve bought in ages… Seriously… I’d tell you to go listen to the song samples, but the whole thing should be available soon anyway. Give it a listen, and if you like, do support her by buying =D

The week after that is the long-awaited, first-ever, Sphere single with a nice title song! Woohoo!! Really, so far Sphere’s singles have been something like this:

Future Stream -> unimaginative song, keep the nice PV

Super Noisy Nova -> lulz lyrics (I like, but the music’s still meh), keep the cute (5-year-old-like according to my friend) PV

Kaze wo Atsumete -> *yawn* dull song, keep the sweet PV

REALOVE:REALIFE -> haha WTF song, keep the hawt PV

And now we have~

Now Loading…SKY!! -> oh hai, nice song that actually sounds like a song 😮 + awesome PV

GIMME MY COPY NAO!! I’ll probably be looping the PV on my TV nonstop… Or at least until this comes up:

Tomatsu Haruka’s Nagisa no Shooting Star single~ Release date is one week after NowSka release, how convenient is that? Unfortunately though, since I ordered all three items mentioned so far together, I won’t be getting any of the previous two until this gets released and shipped >.< Oh well, がまんがまん...

I’ve never really liked Tomatsu’s music (girl pop really isn’t my thing… and her singing doesn’t really help ^^; ) but I suppose my mentality is something like this: Mina-chan love -> Sphere love -> Tomacchan love… Yeah, something along those lines. Of course, there’s also that droolable cover of this single… I actually ordered the regular edition despite being a sucker for limited edition stuffs usually… Just because its cover is *_* And the PV is kinda silly anyway. Not really interested in seeing all those random people all over the screen (i.e. I want more Tomacchan screen time dammit DX), hmph >.<

Oh yeah, did I mention that I’ve woken up two mornings in a row with Nagisa no Shooting Star stuck in my head? Yep, that’s exactly how that kind of songs should be (unlike a certain SCOOP SCOPE *grumble*grumble*). So basically I’m getting: A good single with 3 good songs (Kimi ga Iru Basho), a nice single with a nice PV (Now Loading…SKY!!) and a decent single with a catchy song (Nagisa no Shooting Star), and all are Sphere-related… Oh boy, someone’s been doing their job correctly 😮 ‘Cause let’s not forget the 5 copies (+1 extra for a friend) of Kotobuki Minako’s debut single too ^^ Aaah, ’tis a good time to be a Sphere fan, yes sir.

P.S. If you’re wondering whether I have something to distract me once these 3 weeks are over… Yes I do. One thing is exams in September (orz) and another is a little project I’m working on that’ll hopefully get mentioned here properly soon enough… お楽しみ~


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