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[Fangirling] Stereopony

Back in highschool, I wanted to create a little rock band with my two best friends. One was supposed to be lyricist + vocals and play the bass, the other was supposed to be on guitar (we even went and bought her an acoustic for her birthday!!) and I was supposed to compose and play the drums (I currently play guitar by the way hah). The thing only managed to stay at a couple of “songs” (they were more like rough poetry works really) getting written and me trying to learn to play the drums while using tissue boxes for practice… Before each of us went our seperate ways after graduation.

Yeah, how many kids have you heard saying stuff along those lines? But the important question is… What does that have anything to do with Stereopony?

Well, let’s put it like this. If that project were to have bore fruit, I think I’d have liked it to be something like what Stereopony is at the moment, sound-wise at least. I guess my view of the band is one of longing and perhaps admiration?

Of course there are a lot of girl rock bands out there (Scandal unfortunately pops to mind first thing from the J-music industry), so why Stereopony?
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