Orchestral Delusion is primarily a Japanese media reviews-centered blog run by:

Original blog creator and whimsical owner. I just love dragging people into my mess.

I also:
-Love stalking Kotobuki Minako.
-Am a Mizuki Nana-tard, though not so actively anymore.
-Am obsessed with Kitano Kii and her multiple talents.
-Think of Matsui Jurina as I would my own child.

I’m an avid anime watcher, but I like keeping my opinion to myself about that (read: I’m too lazy to bother with screencaps for reviews). My main hobby is listening to Japanese music, anison in particular, so most of my posts will be revolving around that.

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I like anime… and stuff… I suppose ^^’ … Although I end up having them pile up.  I’d love to say I like Japan as a whole but there are certain stuff that leave me perplexed about the culture, although I want to live there eventually.  I generally just stick to anime, and jpop, mostly anison though.  Hopefully, I can manage to review new anime, that’s what I do around here most of the time anyway (when I do it xP).  I used to be a figure collector but my finances are crap right now so don’t expect any figure reviews anytime soon.  So now, it’s just anime… and stuff xP  For a bit more personal info, try this

The voice of reason in this madness. Or is it?

I like most Japan-related stuff (which includes from manga and anime to food), but my main obsession is, without a doubt, J-pop. I spend most of my time listening to more Japanese music than it is healthy, and my tastes range from the most mainstream artists to the most obscure ones. My all-time favorite singer is Nana Mizuki, but I love many other artists and groups (see here). I’ll focus on reviewing J-music releases, but might post other random stuff from time to time.

Other hobbies of mine include sleeping, eating, learning languages, drawing and playing videogames (huge Pokémon fan here!)

Blog trivia
-The title, Orchestral Delusion, is a lame play on words based on Mizuki Nana’s Orchestral Fantasia song.
-The domain, anisou, is a mixture of アニソン(anison/anime songs) and 妄想(mousou/delusion).