Random thoughts about Kobayashi Yu's "new" unit, Crush Tears

^The reason behind this post...

First off, I say “new” (between quotation marks) because it’s not really new anymore. They’ve already released their first single a couple months ago (in February to be exact). They’ll also be releasing their second single on the 7th of July (ah, busy day that is, isn’t it?), so it’s looking solid enough at the moment.

By the way, be warned that the following is a random, midnight ramble that just popped in my mind as I was flipping through my copy of Pick-up Voice vol.30, which had just arrived this morning, for the 77th time now. At the very end (or beginning, depending on whether you wanna start from Nana’s or Sphere’s side, but take a guess where I started from XD) there’s a single page dedicated to, well, Crush Tears.

I suppose sheer boredom and the fact that I can barely move my right arm at the moment (hence I can’t do anything other than typing at a snail’s pace for now) made me want to… explore this new “unit”. Oh, and the fact that I was loling at Kobayashi’s lolable acting during episode 6 of B-Gata H-Kei (which I had just watched today as well XD) might have something to do with this too.

Moving on, of course, the first thing to do in these cases is to actually listen to the songs of the artist one is talking about. Thankfully there’s only one single out so far, so that made things easy for me XD And if you’re wondering why I hadn’t listened to the single before already, then the answer’s as simple as “because I don’t like Kobayashi Yu’s singing” =x She has a nice voice by the way, that much I’ll admit (well, as long as she’s not screaming her head off and being her usual insane self at least *hint*anisama*hint*), but I don’t know, something just doesn’t fit right with me. I remember cringing somewhat while listening to her ROCK YU!! album some time ago ^^;

Before I start talking about the actual songs, let’s have a look at, well, what it is that is offered for us to look at. You know, they say that, with food, the eye eats before the actual food enters your mouth. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you like it like that), nowadays that applies to music as well. Funny enough, just yesterday I was reading j1m0ne’s blog post about seiyuu legs (no I’m not kidding) and generally most people seem to agree that Kobayashi has a pair of seriously HAWT legs (of course I agree too =D). Said legs also happen to be accompanied by a hawt body and pretty looks, so, to put it bluntly, the first test is passed with ++ grades XD I hope no one actually had any doubts there :p (by the way, in case you haven’t noticed yet, I have every intention of ignoring that RYO dude ^^)

Music-wise, well, one can guess what genre we’re gonna get just from looking at:
1, The unit’s logo (i.e. the way the unit name is written)
2, Their website (which would be this one by the way)
3, Their clothes+poses (i.e. the pictures)

Also, ROCK YU!! should give an idea of what Kobayashi’s “style” is :p HOWEVER, that is not to say that I wasn’t somewhat surprised still. I gotta admit, I’ve pretty much forgotten what ROCK YU!! sounded like (hey, selective memory, can’t help it XD), and her more recent stuff like HANAJI really isn’t the best example to go by ^^; So yeah, you could almost say that I went into this almost blind. ALMOST. That’s why, while I was half-expecting the kind of music that their debut single “Senko no Matataki” would deliver, I didn’t think it’d be THAT hard-core… Or rather, I didn’t think they’d manage to give off the whole rocker feel off that well =x

So basically, after listening to the single, I wasn’t ROFLing, which was what I was honestly kind of expecting before, but instead my reaction was more along the lines of “oh, it feels right”. Now, whether the songs were actually good or not is a matter of taste here. I personally found nothing wrong with it. And Kobayashi’s cool voice unsurprisingly fits with this kind of music, so all is good there. I personally believe that I’ll manage to be able to listen to this single without cringing, and basically actually added it to my music library just after one listen, so yah, Kobayashi-san, good job there (o^-‘)b

The fact that I’m hoping that this unit won’t be one of those that last for less than the blink of an eye is certainly a good sign too. I mean, we went from “済みません, but just can’t get myself to listen to your songs” to “hey, Kobayashi 格好いい”. Of course, they’re still far from a road full of roses, but looking not too far into the future, I can easily picture a GRANRODEO rival here (well, more like female GRANRODEO or something lol), IF done right of course.

Currently looking forward to their upcoming single, “Communication Breakdown”, and honestly considering buying their stuff if that turns out good enough =3


P.S. Make sure to check out their Nico Nico Douga videos for stuff like “Kobayashi hitting a pillow and then apologizing to it” or YU+a totally embarassed RYO going “Nico Nico” (that thing kinda kills the whole supposed-badass feel by the way… No wait, Kobayashi talking and making the other dude giggle in general just kills the whole thing really. They should learn some from Yousei Teikoku XP)


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  1. Yuki88 August 7, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    well cool image (on the photos, web etc) and real life personality aren’t really connected sometimes… like Kalafina XDDDDD;;