2011 in review – rehi edition.

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Being the ドS person I am, I just won’t let this blog rest in peace just yet :p

So what was 2011 like for rehi? I could very well just summarize it with “I DISCOVERED ABE MAO AND TOKYO GIRLS STYLE AWESOMENESS SO IT WAS AWESOME.” but well, let’s try a little bit harder than that lol

Best of anison:

Oh, look who's back =D

Yep, Hocchan’s epic return this year won’t be forgotten all that easily. Immoralist is still my favorite song of the year, period. Unfortunately, aside from this epic single, 2011 was pretty bland on the seiyuu-singers side of anison (wait, when is it ever not so?). Music Ray’n fucked up bad in the latter half of the year with their girls’ individual careers (no thanks to a certain stalker). Nana’s music keeps going in decline, with people like Minorin and Faylan (not seiyuu of course but similar style so I’m dumping her here) falling suit. But wait, it’s not all black. Kitamura Eri’s label switch was one huge blessing, both to her, and to my ears. Shirushi is easily one of the most solid anison releases of the year *nods*

On the other hand, this year was more of a veteran singers year for me. Ishikawa Chiaki and Itou Kanako left the biggest impressions on me, and I’ll be sure to follow their releases closer than ever in the times to come.


Kitamura Eri – Shirushi (C3 OP)

LiSA – oath sign (Fate/Zero OP)

KOTOKO – Light My Fire (Shakugan no Shana OP1)

Yakushimaru Etsuko Metro Orchestra – Nornir (Mawaru Penguindrum OP1+OP2)

Ishikawa Chiaki – Fukanzen Nensho/Switch ga Haittara (Kamisama Dolls OP+ED)

Rie Fu – For You (Hourou Musuko ED)

Kuriyama Chiaki – Cold Finger Girl (Level E OP)

Sphere – Hazy (Hanasaku Iroha ED1)

Itou Kanako – Hacking to the Gate (Steins;Gate OP)

Horie Yui – Immoralist (Dragon Crisis OP)


Triple H – HHH

Fairy Story – Fairytale

Toyosaki Aki – love your life, love my life

Kajiura Yuki – FICTION II

Sakamoto Maaya – You can’t catch me

Best of whatever else rehi listens to:

My current music love ❤

As I mentioned at the beginning, I’ve made a couple of really awesome discoveries this year, which make it totally worthy in terms of music, despite my interest in anison dropping.

Abe Mao, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE, Noanowa, SEKAI NO OWARI… just to name a few. I also got into the black hole that is AKB48 (and derivatives), but I’m not sure just how related that is to this post seeing as I’m still not too interested in the music side of things (even if my last.fm says otherwise) so yeah, let’s not touch on that subject now. If you’re interested in my AKB rants (ok, mostly SKE really), then you can go here instead.


SEKAI NO OWARI – Starlight Parade



Uemura Kana – My Favorite Songs

7!! – Lovers

Abe Mao – Motto./Hikari


Akanishi Jin – Eternal

Kitano Kii – Kizuna

Itano Tomomi – Dear J


Stereopony – More! More!! More!!!

KOKIA – pieces

DadaD – Touch Touch Touch

TOKYO GIRLS STYLE – Koudou no Himitsu

Negoto – ex Negoto

Violent is Savanna – SWING

andymori – Kakumei

Shibasaki Kou – CIRCLE CYCLE

Abe Mao – Su.

Kitano Kii – Kokoro

The lists are in no particular order, and I didn’t really think too deeply about the stuff I picked. Just went through my folders and picked out whatever I realized I still listened to if it’s an older release, or stuff I can see myself still listening to well into next year for the newer releases. Of course, there’s plenty of bias and personal tastes there. Remember, this is just my take on the year.

Well then, 来年もよろしく!

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