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K-ON!! 21 – …And Mio finally drops the bomb :o

YUI FOREHEAD SEEN!!! For those unaware, I have a bit of a forehead fetish (kyaaa Minachan’s forehead squeeee) and it’s especially nice when it’s the forehead of people who DON’T like showing their forehead, which happens to be the case with Yui =3 I couldn’t help but wonder what could be going through Minako’s mind during those forehead talks since she does consider hers as one of her “charm points” (for good reason I might add). I hope this doesn’t create some sort of complex and she stops showing hers or something O.O *cough* Right, as if. I fret over the most ridiculous of stuff sometimes ^^;

So anyway, K-ON!! 21 was pretty much an episode dedicated to hair… Yep, who would’ve thought… But it was pretty fun, until I suddenly started remembering what MY graduation pics looked like and my face went D= Then again… That’s nothing compared to Yui’s mishap =x
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K-ON ep 13 – A late New Hope. K-ON strikes back. Return of the Slice of Life.

Main Guitar/Vocals plus Main Guitar substitute/Honorary Member
Yui and Ui
After School Time Time
Together is where the fun is
Second Guitar

A special episode needs a special review


So K-ON finally ends with an extra episode. What’s so special about this episode? Considering the usual K-ON average, this one is above every K-ON episode. Why? Because it’s a pure slice of life episode. No repeated gags, no out-of-the-blue emo drama and it can actually yield character information without being a crudely stitched emo PITA for once. Yeah the jokes are limited, the moe is still there, the YuixAzunyan yuri has progressed into a deep bond, and all that nice stuff. The real point here is that we finally get some needed insight into some characters (Yui aside anyway).

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K-ON 12 – Finalizing Yui x Azunyan… but wait… there's another one?!

You are in the presence of Mugi-ojou-sama

You are in the presence of Mugi-ojou-sama.


And here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for, K-ON 12 : Finale.  Or not…  Apparently, these nice people at KyoAni have an extra ep coming out after this one, which makes me wonder, didn’t they manage to get enough fanservice in already?  Why do they even need what they themselves call “extra” episode?  Well anyway… it seems I’ll have to review this thing one more time.  Now HOPEFULLY that extra thing will be pure fanservice and no more K-ON emodrama.  Basically what I want to see is some Mugi, preferably some Mugi excessive fanservice.  Seriously, while Mugi isn’t my favorite girl, she got the least focus through this whole thing and generally deserves her own fanservicey episode at least.  Since she’s Mugi, yuri fanservice is also encouraged.

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K-ON ep 11 – Teen yuri drama, inanimate objects join the fight for attention and the stage is set.

Let the <del>yuri</del> show begin!

Let the yuri show begin!

Subs took rather long today…  Screencaps have been around for at least a day, rather funspoiling when I can’t watch the raw thing, PLUS screencaps with SOME sort of subs to make what the characters say evident is many times better than raw screencaps.  So yeah, I had to wait for the subs >_<  Not many episodes to go (actually there’s just one more) so let’s all enjoy whatever yuri we can get.  😛 *drums* *fanfare* I give you yet ANOTHER episode full of yuri, along with a number of surprises.

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K-ON ep 10 – Invasion of the Yuri music club, betrayal, training camp and more yuri.

Azunyan running to meet her date.

Azunyan running to meet her date.


Tsk tsk tsk… And seriously, I thought Azunyan was pretty steady in her preferences… This episode proved me wrong.  Azunyan must be the most corrupt of the bunch, scoring two more girls in a single episode, for a total of three girls.  Good job, Azunyan! However, Ritsu and Yui aren’t far behind! Who will be the Yuri Queen of this Season?! Who will walk away with the Shoujo-ai crown and all the hot girls?! Keep watching K-ON! After these commercials!

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K-ON ep 9 – How you stitch a new char on an OP when low on budget and when someone lost focus of K-ON… Plus, how to introduce Azusa to the pleasures of yuri and various other dark practices, I suppose :P

K-ON 9.  We all knew this is supposed to be Azusa’s episode.  I’ll spoil the fun a bit in the beginning though.  Watch the new OP.  Do you see anything new? Oh, yes, it’s Azusa’s OP intro segment PLUS Azusa’s addition to the performing band.  Do you see anything else? Eh… No…  Now I haven’t read the source material, but this seems crappy.  Besides a pure Azusa segment and the easy addition to the band, there are NO OTHER SCENES with Azusa… Now, if she’s not a permanent member, there was no real need to change the OP.  I’ll assume she’s here to stay.  In this aspect the OP fails.  In the end, there are still the initial four doing various things in the OP without Azusa, who’s just popping up from nowhere only in the band performing scenes.  Since this is not a one-man show, where you still end up focusing on a specific person so adding another character in the OP like that is far easier, when you have FOUR protagonists and you add a fifth, you’re supposed to make them equal.  As it is, Azusa feels crudely stitched to the already existing OP.  Yeah, really incorporating Azusa in the OP would mean changing almost EVERY scene of the OP as to make it a five girls OP instead of four plus one, effectively having a new OP altogether.  Unfortunate though that is, their take is crap.  It feels rushed, it’s not smart at all and it only seems to register Azusa more as alien body than a real part of the group.  The thing is, while being trigger-happy to criticize KyoAni, I actually expected them to do better than this.  The only real, consistent, good point that the studio has in the first place that’s actually worthy of sincere praise is good animation and attention to detail and this OP was far from adhering to that.

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Choose your liquor… Oh and belated K-ON ep 8 fun and some other stuff :P

Who would have thought K-ON would be so hot?

Who would have thought K-ON could be so hot?

The Bait

For all those who don’t have the time, space, patience (or legal age) to browse the image sites, feast your eyes upon this… rather interesting depiction… Yui does well in there (she wasn’t even there in the first version I saw *raises fist*), but even if she’s my favorite, Mugi wins the pic with ease, epic pose is epic after all.  Not sure how Mio’s assets turned that big, but I suppose that happens when you have many obsessed fans.  She’s good though 😛  Wish I had a harem like that /dreamymode.

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