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Persona 4 The Animation so far (episodes 1 & 2)


Persona 4 The Animation

It’s finally here!!! I’ve been waiting for a persona game adaptation since forever.  Although I wish they’d animate 3 first, since it’s probably easier to animate and insanely more epic, persona 4 adaptation is all fine with me.  I’m actually trying to forget Persona ~Trinity Soul~  was there to begin with, although, truth be told, I liked some of the characters there (mainly the girls).

As I’ve stated in another post, I’ve played persona 3 and 4 at least two times each.  That’s around 100+ hours of gaming for each (yes, I like to actually check the dialogue at least once, although I end up checking it a second time).  I could say a lot about the games but there’s little point in that.  Also, seeing as the anime is closely following the game (almost to a fault), extra information from the game will probably not be needed.

Anyway, I promised I’d blog this even if the world ended, so here it goes. Read more of this post