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[Review] AKB48-related summer releases 2011

Summer is (almost) over, and yours may have been fun or boring, relaxing or stressful… but if you’re an AKB48 fan, sure there’s been at least one good thing about it: the massive amount of releases from them and their subunits and sister groups. From June to August, there was at least one AKB-related release per week (if we include DVDs / BDs and photobooks). As for the music releases, some of them (mostly singles) were really nice, others were not-so-good, but I took my time to listen to them all and now I’m going to share my impressions with you guys!

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AKB48′s Reaction Queen’s (Kashiwagi Yuki’s)… Reactions Collection. Part 2

I totally did not forget about this post. Really!

*cough* Anyway, since there are people interested after all, I bring you now the second part of my gif collection for Yukirin’s many awesome reactions. If you liked the previous post, then brace yourself for this one, ’cause I’m the kind to leave the best for last, if you know what I mean ;p
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AKB48’s Reaction Queen’s… Reactions Collection. Part 1

Oh hey, rehi is talking about AKB48? Worry not, the disease hasn’t reached me… yet XD Instead, I find myself being entranced by the group’s Reaction Queen, Kashiwagi Yuki. Boy has never a title been as well deserved as this one XD

I’m not sure how many of our readers care about AKB48 since I myself had no interest in them whatsoever until the whole Beginner PV fuss. But it’s not like this really has anything to do with the group itself. It’s really more like a tribute to Yukirin… Because the following is a collection of gifs I’ve made myself based on the many awesome reactions she’s blessed(?) us with throughout a variety of her appearances.

Even if you have no interest in the girl, I still recommend giving them a look ’cause they’re damn funny, if I dare say so myself =D
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[Review] AKB48 – Beginner

If you’re into J-pop and follow the Oricon Charts regularly, I guess AKB48’s 18th single doesn’t need any introductions. Beginner was released just last week, but it has already become the best-selling single of 2010 in Japan so far with the mind-blowing amount of 827,000 copies sold in its first week – the highest first week sales ever for a female group. Actually, it only needed 3 days to reach the top of the yearly charts over Arashi, who previously held the #1 spot.

By looking at its insane sales, we can tell it’s more than obvious that Japan has loved this single (although I guess the whole controversy about its “violent” PV somehow helped to boost its sales). But… does Beginner really deserve its huge popularity? Let’s see.


1. Beginner

2. 僕だけのvalue (Boku Dake no Value)

3a. 君について (Kimi ni Tsuite)

3b. 泣ける場所 (Nakeru Basho)

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