Second Track from Kotobuki Minako's Debut Single Shiny+ Streamed!! Lilac is teh Love

…And after the long wait, we FINALLY got to hear SOMETHING from Minachan’s first single!! Damn you Music Ray’n for being so slow >_>

But DAMN was the wait worth it! Lilac is such a sweet song, perfect to hum along to, and generally very pleasant to the ears ^^ The highlight for me is the arrangement, the piano and violins are mixed in a slightly cutesy, teasing way, with the guitars playing behind harmlessly. Personally, the song reminds me of Mizuki Nana’s Polaris song (remember I’m a Nanatard too XD Anything new I hear, I’ll probably try connecting to a song of hers first lol) but it feels like less of a wannabe. Natural, so to speak. Well, I was totally expecting this kind of song from Minachan, so maybe that’s why I get that natural feeling from it.

To be honest, my expectations for Minachan’s debut single were pretty much non-existent. I didn’t want to be disappointed, so I came into this with a sort of blank mind, only to be pleasantly surprised. It’s nothing to make a huge fuss about, but it’s a nice, relaxing song that doesn’t harm any ears, that’s good enough for me at the moment =D

However, the song I’m most looking forward to from the Shiny+ single is Hajimari no Basho (’cause Shiny+ itself doesn’t seem promising at all from those 15s I’ve heard so far. Plus I have a habit of almost never liking title songs =x). The title makes me think that it might be some sort of ballad, and while I’m usually not too fond of those, I’m at least hoping to hear those vocals Mina used back with her Hatsukoi Limited character song (Hikari no Kage) again some day and a ballad seems like my best shot for that.

Please please listen to the song and support Minako by buying her single!


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