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KOTOBUKI MINAKO to Make Solo Debut in September!!!!!

OMG I’m posting something here?! Yes yes, because this news is just too awesome to not post everywhere possible. This is the best thing I’ve heard in a really really really really really long time!!!!! Yes, all those really’s, I’m serious.

I know people generally know me as a Mizuki Nana-tard, but Nana’s always been like some sort of holy being… My Goddess so to speak. So who is this Kotobuki Minako? Well… SHE IS MAI WAIFU >=D Yeah, it happened kinda recently, but you’re not supposed to find “the one” all that fast, right? :p (Then again, we’re both 19, that’s early enough I’d say XP)
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Faylan first live~! I only have one wish for this… Or maybe two?

Anyone else agree that she looks much better without make-up?

Or three even o.O; *cough* but first of all, let’s start with the necessary information XD

ライブタイトル:飛蘭 -THE LIVE 01-
会場:Shibuya O-West
時間:未 定

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Mizuki Nana 8th Album + 2 Day Seibu Dome Live CONFIRMED!!!!!


Saw the rumor a couple hours ago (mobile twitter FTW XD), but I couldn’t actually look up any sites for confirmation until I got home XD And boy, first thing I open is Nana Party and BAM it’s right there, confirmed at last XD

Release date for the album is indeed July 7th (7/7 of course). Nothing else is written on the site, but that’s expected XD As for the Seibu Dome live, the dates will be July 24th + 25th (which will be a Saturday and Sunday respectively… because Sunday can’t come a day before Saturday XD Okay sorry, I’m obviously not thinking straight atm XD).

Nyaaaaaaaaa~ I was tempted to go to Anisama this summer, but I suppose this will be way better XD And now excuse me while I go to plan my summer 4 months prior~ :p

EDIT: In my hype, I forgot to mention that this means that the rumor about a 23rd single obviously turned out false. Well, I’m definitely not gonna say “such a pity” or anything XD I’d rather get an album :p ALTHOUGH the birthday thing was kinda nice XD Oh well~

BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER (Hatsune Miku) anime in the making!!


First off, BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER is originally just another Hatsune Miku song, but the original character design for it gained so much popularity, it even got one hell of a badass figure made for it (by Good Smile Company). A pretty awesome figure that I won’t be able to get -_-

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Lantis on the rise… I want King Records to be that witty T_T

They're first~

They're first~

It’s no news that J-music is getting increasingly popular in the west, particularly in North America. Be it Olivia’s + Tsuchiya Anna’s NANA live performances or KOTOKO’s, they have all been rather well received by the non-asian wannabe otakus. I personally am still waiting for my Nana to make it to Spain some day, but that’s another story.

It’s also known that various Hatsune Miku songs can be found on N. America’s iTunes store in between all those “real” voices :p Well, apparently some brave soul in Lantis took that as an example, and decided that anisongs should also be available on said store too Read more of this post

Negima strikes again! Hurray for more DVD goodness?

The Ultimate Harem XP

The Ultimate Harem XP

Whether we like it or not, Mahou Sensei Negima! isn’t going down so easy. Back in February it was announced that we’d be getting more of Negima!’s shota+ecchi goodness in the form of even more OADs. For those unaware, Negima! already has 2 tv anime (first one was a pure work of failure with horrible character designs and animation. For the second round, SHAFT had decided to take matters into their own hands, and gave us Negima!? instead; a rather fun series… that hardly had anything to do with the original manga ^^;), 2 pointless specials packed with some nice fanservice and little more, and a series of 3 OADs called Negima Ala Alba.

So now we’re getting a second OAD series, this time 4 volumes long, called Negima! ~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ Read more of this post

Bans and how far they can go ~ Japan bans some, Germany considers others.

That's gonna get banned right after Tom & Jerry gets banned due to animated violence.

That's gonna get banned right after Tom & Jerry gets banned due to animated violence.

Ok, so good old Japanese people, after banning lolicon material like doujinshi and games (UNIFEC demands after all) are now banning rape games Now, I wouldn’t have made a post about the thing if 1. Germany wasn’t already considering banning both production and distributions of violent games and 2. I hadn’t come across enough brainwashed ignorant people who actually support the whole notion of the bans.

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