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(Important) Blog Update

Just posting a quickie to say that starting March 11th this blog won’t be accessible through the URL. My wordpress domain mapping expires on that date and frankly I see no need to renew it for a basically dead blog. The domain itself will also be expiring on April 10th so yeah, I’m just letting it die like that.

You’ll still be able to access all the posts and stuff from the URL though.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

P.S. You can also take this as me saying I won’t bother posting here anymore as well. I don’t think npal or kawaii-nanami will either, so yeah, I’m basically just leaving it for archive’s sake.

Thanks for sticking around during the past 3 years or so m(_ _)m

Note: Remember you can still find us on the various links in the sidebar ^^

Nanami's random introductory post

Hi there! So I’m supposed to write a proper introductory post, but since I have zero imagination for this kind of things, I guess I’ll just end up writing a few random things about me.

So… my nickname is kawaii-nanami, but call me Nanami, that’s what most people on the Internet do! I like many Japan-related things, but right now, my main obsession is J-pop. I’m not exaggerating when I say I spend all day listening to Japanese music. I also like anime and manga, but nowadays I don’t watch / read as much as I used to. I like drawing as well, but for some reason I haven’t drawn anything decent for ages. I’m planning to take it up again someday, though.

I’ve always liked to read reviews about my favorite J-pop releases, and sometimes, the idea of creating a blog to write my own reviews has crossed my mind, but as always, I’ve been too lazy to do it. However, I always liked to share my opinions about the music I listen to with other people, and that’s why when ReHikari asked me if I’d like to post in this blog and told me I could write about whatever I wanted, I immediately answered “YES!”. So expect from me mostly Japanese music reviews from time to time.

As far as my music taste goes, I can listen to almost every kind of Japanese artist, but I have a preference for female voices, especially the powerful and / or beautiful ones. My all-time favorite artist is Nana Mizuki and I just can’t describe with words how much I admire her <3. Even though I like almost every single thing she puts out (yes, I’m biased), I’m especially fond of her most recent material (from 2007 on), so comments like “How can you like her recent stuff? It sucks hard” just don’t work for me.

Other artists / groups I love include Rurutia (she was my first J-music love and my all-time favorite artist until Nana appeared in my life), Minori Chihara, Kana Nishino, AKB48 (and their sub-units, being no3b my favorite), Ayumi Hamasaki, Kalafina, Koda Kumi, alan, Ai Otsuka and Perfume, just to name a few. Lately, I’ve also been listening a lot to Sphere (guess who got me into them =3), and I’ve found myself enjoying their music much more than I expected I would when I first listened to them. I also like K-pop but I only listen to it from time to time.

And… what else? Oh, yes, I’m always willing to discover new artists / groups, so if you have any recommendations for me or just want me to review a certain single / album / song, feel free to ask me.

Oops.. this post ended up being much longer than I expected. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my future posts. See you!

P.S. Comments are always welcome =D

Soups are not fulfilling enough…

So even if I’ve created a soup account I won’t be abandoning this blog just yet ;A;

In case you didn’t get it yet, I’m jus’ postin’ here to tell ya about my soup account in case there’s actually anyone left who cares ^^; Twitter pretty much killed my blogging habits and I’m guessing Soup won’t help there, but oh well, THIS BLOG IS STILL ALIVE!

And that would be all~

Kojima Hideo + Mizuki Nana double rape Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker =D

And we’re nothing short of happy about it ^^

Okay seriously, I know I tweeted about this, but after watching the video this many times and still laughing my ass off every single time, I figured it deserved getting a proper post too!!

So basically, the dull part is that Nana-chan is voicing some chick called Paz in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid game for the PSP. Okay, nothing new there. Anyone remember the rumors about Kojima being a Seiyuu ota? Well, I don’t think anyone can deny that anymore XD At first, only a character song was announced, and hey, it got streamed on the radio and it was all nice and dandy. But then THIS got streamed on Youtube. It’s like Kojima Hideo x Mizuki Nana x IDOLM@STER x Hatsune Miku XP Just watch all these loser fanboys rage at yet another Kojima troll, but who cares, I just find the whole thing awesome XD Damn, I might even play the game and all now lol Or even buy it if it gets released in Europe with the original voices (highly unlikely there though seeing as its for the PSP >.<)

Anyway, I’ll leave you with that. Watch, laugh, enjoy, and remember to bow down to the master troller XD

Happy New Year ^^ Awesome way to wake up with awesome news from Ayane~

Yes, that's supposed to be Ayane :p

Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year!! あけましておめでとう (Akemashite Omedetou)!!!

Yeah, you get the point ^^ Gonna make this short ’cause I’m suffering through horrible lack of sleep @.@

Woke up on the new years and started checking some stuffs, and the nicest thing I read (apart from all the awesome Nana Kouhaku stuffs of course =3) is that… *drum rolls* Ayane’s new single release date!!!

banzai! Banzai!! BANZAI!!!

Release date will be: March 10th (2010 of course) and the title is: “Angelic bright”~! (I wonder if Ayane knows that you’re supposed to start all the words of a title (except the usual a, of, etc) with a capital… Oh well, she’s cute like that XD Better than writing it all in capital a la Nana =x)

Anyway, Ayane didn’t mention the single being connected to any anime/game, so it might actually be a standalone one ^^ I like the title for now (sounds… happy XD) so definitely looking forward to this~

P.S. This means that I’ll be getting 3 awesome singles per month (with some other, not-so-important ones in between of course) until March lol (Jan: PHANTOM MINDS. Feb: SILENT BIBLE. Mar: Angelic bright). Not sure about April, but with some luck Nana might release a new album around May or something =D (in time for my b-day this time hopefully, since UD got delayed until way after it >.<).

OK, I think I’m getting a bit too ahead of myself here XD It’s still the New Year’s~

P.P.S. I want to go back soooooo bad. Now I have TWO figure waiting for me (Seena and Miku) plus Live DiamondxFever. Never thought I’d ever hate holidays this much @.@

News/Updates/whatever you wanna call it

Clannad Winter

Unfortunately, I'll be going to place where it'll probably NEVER snow -_-;

First off, *bows* sumimasen >.< I know I haven’t updated in ages, even though so many Nana news are going around regarding Kouhaku and stuff (She’s gonna sing Shin Ai in it!!! *gets a tomato thrown at her*)… Yeah, me really fails as a Nanatard T_T I was also supposed to post something about Alter’s Feito-chan, but stuff happened I now I won’t be getting her until end-Jan @.@ And just for the record, Nanoha will also be arriving late. Had to reserve her from our local anime shop instead, since I couldn’t get Seena+Yuki+Nanoha all in one go…

Erm, as for the holidays and what-not, I’m going to some Gulf country called Oman. Don’t ask what I’ll be doing there, the answer’s simple: boring myself to death while trying not to kill someone as I think of the Live DiamondxFever lying around at home unattended (as well as the Seena figure, but I think it’s pretty obvious which one’s priority =x). With some luck, I’ll be able to download the thing while away so, fingers crossed, I might actually post something about it before New Year’s.

So far, my return date is set on the 7th (oh the irony -_-) but I’ll do anything and everything to try and get back sooner >.< Me also promises to post more in general once I get back ^^; I suppose posting almost everyday like I used to at first is a bit hard taking into consideration Uni+Work, but I’ll try *nods*

Just wish me luck trying to get back asap~

Nana-chan boobpad~!


Or so we all wish. Well, not that it wouldn’t be possible for someone to go and do one by themselves (or with the help of a photography studio at least). Home-made Nana boob pad doesn’t sound too bad either XD The Ayane poster “I made” would look like trash in comparison =x

But onto the actual point. Yeah, me got myself an Akashiya Moka (awakened version) boobpad :p It’s not something worth mentioning usually, if it weren’t for the fact that it was, yet another, freebie from work ^^ The story is kinda similar to the C.C. figure one. I found the boobpad by chance, realized it wasn’t on the shop’s site, asked about it, and apparently, since their distributor only sent one, the dude figured it wasn’t worth putting on the site. Then he asked if I was interested, I said yes of course (I actually wanted to get this very one from cdjapan once, but then changed my mind for some reason), and he was like “aite, for you”, and I went, “BANZAAAIIIIII”

Yeah, that’s pretty much it :p I like this job more by the day~ XD

P.S. I keep staring at the Moka figure at work (yup, now that Kureha is in the sack, I found something else to stare at :p). It’s really nice, and the price isn’t bad, but I just can’t seem to accept the hair… Mainly ’cause of the color. Or is that ’cause it’s still in the box? Oh, and the expression isn’t exactly very Moka-like, but oh well… We’ll see how long I manage to keep myself away from it~