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[Review] 61st Kouhaku Uta Gassen

First of all, happy new year everyone! (better late than never).

So I finally got to watch this year’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen. In case you’ve never heard of it (even though I highly doubt that), it’s a music show broadcasted every year on New Year’s Eve on the channel NHK in which a bunch of popular artists and groups, divided in two groups (Red Team – female acts; White Team – male acts) perform usually one song each, and, even though the ratings have dropped within the past few years, it’s still the most watched TV show in Japan

On a curious note, this is only my second time watching the full show: my first Kouhaku was the 60th one, and the reason why I initially got interested in watching it was Nana Mizuki’s debut appearance in the show. To be honest, before that year (2009) I hadn’t even heard about the show, but I guess it was normal since I wasn’t as much into the general J-pop scene back then as I am now (I only listened to a certain handful of songs by a few artists; rarely checked the Oricon charts, etc.)

That said, let’s start with the review! Long post coming, be warned.

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Salon del Manga de Barcelona – Spain's biggest anime fair!!


Got free tickets from work ^^

While I usually complain about nothing interesting happening around here, it IS true that at least once a year a somewhat decent anime festival takes place, and that would be “El Salon del Manga de Barcelona”. Usually, there are a lot more “Salon del Manga” taking place around Spain, but the one in Barcelona is by far the biggest and the most popular XD

I personally never had the chance to go ’cause it’s kinda far (takes 3+ hours to get there by car from where I live >.<) and I never really had anyone to go with until recently XD This year, we only decided to go a couple of days before the last day!! The thing lasts 4 days usually (from Thursday until Sunday) but we only managed Sunday this time Read more of this post

[Animelo 2009] The prespective of the person who wasn’t there… Day2


Finally got around to writing the view on Day 2. I mentioned before that I was looking forward to the second day a lot more than to the first one… Well, here’s why~

1 『DISCOTHEQUE』~『MonStAR』/水樹奈々+平野綾

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[Animelo 2009] The prespective of the person who wasn't there… Day1

I’ll come out with it first and say that I couldn’t go to this year’s Animelo, even though I was dying to… You’re not gonna find me bitching about this here though, ’cause I’ve been listening to Suara’s new album all the while, so I’m all calm and relaxed right now ^^ Suara ftw. Make sure you buy the album! I’ll be getting it once I have some cash on me (currently trying hard not to spend what little I have so I can get Nana’s new single >.<) Here’s the cdjapan link, to make life easier :p Read more of this post

[Animelo 2009] RE:BRIDGE -Return to oneself-

I'd appreciate a group picture better than this ^^;

I'd appreciate a group picture better than this ^^;

It’s out… The thing that many have been looking forward to, and many more have been dreading… This year’s Animelo theme single, RE:BRIDGE -Return to oneself-!! Me wonders if this is a hidden message directed at me to make me go :p Y’know, I’ve been using the Re-Hikari name since waaaaay before after all :p
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(Yet another) Mizuki Nana appearance at NHK’s Music Japan~

^From the day of the recording~

^From the day of the recording~

Some time ago, Nana announced another appearance of her’s at NHK’s music program, Music Japan. It finally got put up on youtube, and it turned out to be with the Perfume girls again…

You can guess from the image on top which song she decided to sing this time around :p The recorded version sounds way better, especially with that PV, but it’s still an awesome performance regardless XD Although, I’m not sure if it’s just me… But Nana sounded somewhat tired there?
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