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[Fanfiction] Shining☆Stars – A Sphere fanfic written by a bunch of HarukaxMinako shippers =x

Uhh… Where to start… First off, this was actually written like a month ago already, but I only bothered posting about it here now because… I’m lazy =D Also, I say “written by a bunch of bla bla” but it was really me doing all the writing. I just won’t hog all the credit though because the main plot idea wasn’t mine. This whole thing started after Su challenged me into writing a fanfic with “Haruka and Minako stuck at a studio because of a snow storm” as the base plot. I’m really weak with challenges so I just had to accept… And this is the result:
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First post! Five is my number?

Cuteness cuteness~

Cuteness cuteness~

Hello to all those of you who probably aren’t reading this =)

It is May 5th today (5th of the 5th~) and according to my ID, it says I have become an adult… Oh noes~ Not like anyone cares, but yes, it is my 18th birthday, and it is the 0th birthday of this blog ^^

It is also 5:05 pm (as I type at least…), MY time (it’s GMT+1 here :p), so, uhh… yes, I’m stealing the number 5 as MY number, mwahahahaha~ And if you ask why, its because I’m a Mizuki Nana freak, and I’m claiming my own number, just like she has :p

My childishness aside (T_T), I’ll now introduce myself, and the blog, properly. I’m a Lebanese dudette, obsessed with anything otaku-related, and above else, yeah, Mizuki Nana =3 Actually, I think I’m more into music in general than anime stuff, but yeah, Nana gets my no.1 attention :p (Hence why I figured that image at the top would be extremely suitable to introduce myself :p Nana+headphones/music = what occupies my mind about 90% of the time ^^;). I’m currently living in Spain (hence the GMT+1 :p) and am just another Lebanese migrant like all those other ones scattered around the world >.< We’re such a pitiful nation… Oh well, that’s why I turn to awesome Japan to have fun!!

So yes, this will be a blog dedicated mostly to anime, manga and pretty much what’s related, like Seiyuu and anisong info and whatnot. Be it things like reviews, news, translations (yes, I’m actually proud to claim I have a rather decent level of Japanese understanding ^^) or anything that really pops in my mind that could interest my fellow perverts otakus, I’ll be posting it all here, and sharing it with whoever cares :p

Short introductions are short, but I’ll be leaving it at that at the moment. For now, please enjoy this little Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha fanfic (Kazoku no Kizuna: Family) of mine (or it’s intro anyway) ^^ It’s my way of finally getting into the online world related to anime… nante ne~ :p