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Spring 2010 first impressions – Over and out

Let's do this one more time

Yes, yes, it’s me.  No, no, I’m not back.  Yes, my thesis will eventually be finished, one way or another.  Nope, I have to go to some supposed crappy place for around a year so I won’t be able to post anything yet again.  Anyways, it’s late, and I have stuff to do so I’ll try to keep it short.

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Winter Season 2010 – Impressions so far

"I'll be npalsensei's waifu when I grow up!"

Ok, so, +14 years means that I’ll be… meh, age doesn’t matter after that anyway…

Leaving the dreamscape for a moment, no, /me is not back, I just took some time off uni and other stuff to post this.  This winter season is a mixed bag.  There are some pretty awesome stuff (ok, not that many), some… well, watchable or even fun stuff, some meh stuff and some why-the-hell-do-people-even-watch-this-crap stuff.

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Summer Season – More mini first episode reviews (aka Pile Two 1st impressions)

The season is so full of moe I bet moe haters are being driven into their underground dungeons as we speak

The season is so full of moe I bet moe haters are being driven into their underground dungeons as we speak

[Yeah, it has spoilers :p]

I want to get this out of my system so “WTF ARE MY SHANGRI-LA 14 SUBS?! >_<”  Anyway, more new stuff came out this week.  Summer season is turning out pretty interesting (for me anyway).  I’m a moe/comedy/romance/slice-of-life fan (except ARIA, can’t survive ARIA).  So this season being practically swarming series having some or all of these elements is sure win in my book.  Of course I forgot that WAY too many nice series were coming out this season so whatever I said about picking up anime this season for blogging in my previous post needs to be revised, although the series I really wanted to blog still have the highest probability of getting blogged, but limited time means there’s bound to be caveats regarding how many I can blog, not mentioning Trolluhi and Shangri-la.

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Summer Season – First Impressions – Pile One

Aa-chan's cute ^^

Aa-chan's cute ^^

[Post contains multiple series episode 1 spoilers, this is not a drill]

Yeah, I had loads of Aoi-Hana screencaps so I thought I’d pick one from them.  No, that’s not my impression of the season so far, I just wanted a nice pic to begin :p Yeah, I know her look isn’t exactly screaming happiness, excitement, amazement and wonder, but I thought it’s one of the best Aa-chan images I have.  A number of stuff are coming out this season and I’m waiting for some more to check.  I’m generally rather pleased so far, so I suppose it feels like a good season for me.

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