(Important) Blog Update

Just posting a quickie to say that starting March 11th this blog won’t be accessible through the anisou.net URL. My wordpress domain mapping expires on that date and frankly I see no need to renew it for a basically dead blog. The anisou.net domain itself will also be expiring on April 10th so yeah, I’m just letting it die like that.

You’ll still be able to access all the posts and stuff from the rehikage.wordpress.com URL though.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

P.S. You can also take this as me saying I won’t bother posting here anymore as well. I don’t think npal or kawaii-nanami will either, so yeah, I’m basically just leaving it for archive’s sake.

Thanks for sticking around during the past 3 years or so m(_ _)m

Note: Remember you can still find us on the various links in the sidebar ^^

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