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[Review] Takamachi Nanoha (Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) by Alter… And the 3 Aces are finally together (^o^)/

Grandness and Beauty. That's Nanoha alright XD

I’m still having issues believing that this’ll be the last of the StrikerS series that Alter is releasing that I’m getting O.O For those following my figure reviews, I’ve mentioned before that I won’t be getting the Wolkies (not because I don’t want to of course, but it’s just too much $$ @.@) so the Shamal+Zafira figure that’ll be getting released later on won’t manage to make it to my doorstep >.<

But putting that aside, let’s move onto the actual review Read more of this post

[Review] Fate T. Harlaown by Alter… I'm still speechless…

Mesmerizing~ @.@

What the title says, I’m still speechless in the presence of this figure XD I could use all sorts of descriptive words like, awesome, amazing, breathtaking (ok maybe that’s starting to exaggerate things XD) but instead I’ll let the following images speak for themselves ^^ Read more of this post

1/4 GoodSmile Takamachi Nanoha figure epicness

It's here... finally!

It's here... finally!

DISCLAIMER: You are clicking the images at your own risk.  You cannot hold the blog authors accountable for any health compromising condition that might occur after viewing these images, including but not limited to drooling, excessive drooling, unstoppable drooling, nosebleed, excessive nosebleed, critical nosebleed, death from blood loss, dehydration, strokes, heart attacks, temporary or permanent physical or mental damage caused by exposure to the images below.  You have been warned.

And YES, after paying the insane PVC price, the EMS charges, even import taxes, and MISSING the damn delivery once, it’s here.  My very own adult Nanoha in her uber sexy pink bikini.  I had mixed feelings about buying this one, MAINLY because of the price.  We’re talking about 11k+ yen here, plus EMS, that went over 110€ for me.  The import tax didn’t help.  I’d think you pay for import after 150€… Oh well… Well anyway, DESPITE the money, I’m as happy with this figure as I was with the 1/4 FREEing bunny Mikuru figure.  The normal 1/7-1/8 ones aren’t bad, but nothing beats the awesomeness of a well-made 1/4 figure. Read more of this post

I hate the Nanoha title in English…

Gawd I missed them T_T

Gawd I missed them T_T

The official website for Magical Girl Lyrical NANOHA The MOVIE 1st finally launched… and with it we get a trailer!! (click here for the site and here for the TAF/trailer).

So the first thing I noticed was the ugh character designs… but I was kinda expecting that from the magazine images that came out dunno how long ago… I’m hoping this will be overshadowed by the animation, which seems quite promising at the moment *nods*
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