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Persona 4 The Animation so far (episodes 1 & 2)


Persona 4 The Animation

It’s finally here!!! I’ve been waiting for a persona game adaptation since forever.  Although I wish they’d animate 3 first, since it’s probably easier to animate and insanely more epic, persona 4 adaptation is all fine with me.  I’m actually trying to forget Persona ~Trinity Soul~  was there to begin with, although, truth be told, I liked some of the characters there (mainly the girls).

As I’ve stated in another post, I’ve played persona 3 and 4 at least two times each.  That’s around 100+ hours of gaming for each (yes, I like to actually check the dialogue at least once, although I end up checking it a second time).  I could say a lot about the games but there’s little point in that.  Also, seeing as the anime is closely following the game (almost to a fault), extra information from the game will probably not be needed.

Anyway, I promised I’d blog this even if the world ended, so here it goes. Read more of this post

Ookami-san 09 – Ringo is now officially my favorite loli 8D

No, not because she seems to be kissing someone each episode now XD (not that this was really a kiss, but oh well :p)

So ahm, to be honest, I had higher hopes for what Ringo’s childhood issues were, but it turned out to be something rather silly =/ But in a way, the fact that she was so caught up over something that most people wouldn’t really even bother thinking about is strangely rather cute, and the whole episode plus how Ringo dealt with it just made me love her even more now ^^

So much for having a black heart, eh :p Turns out Ringo’s nicer and more thoughtful than probably most people out there =3

K-ON!! 21 – …And Mio finally drops the bomb :o

YUI FOREHEAD SEEN!!! For those unaware, I have a bit of a forehead fetish (kyaaa Minachan’s forehead squeeee) and it’s especially nice when it’s the forehead of people who DON’T like showing their forehead, which happens to be the case with Yui =3 I couldn’t help but wonder what could be going through Minako’s mind during those forehead talks since she does consider hers as one of her “charm points” (for good reason I might add). I hope this doesn’t create some sort of complex and she stops showing hers or something O.O *cough* Right, as if. I fret over the most ridiculous of stuff sometimes ^^;

So anyway, K-ON!! 21 was pretty much an episode dedicated to hair… Yep, who would’ve thought… But it was pretty fun, until I suddenly started remembering what MY graduation pics looked like and my face went D= Then again… That’s nothing compared to Yui’s mishap =x
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Katanagatari 08 – I kinda don't mind Togame's haircut now…

Tomacchan vs. Yukarin, tall vs. short, fresh meat vs. old meat *hides*

Okay, onto business now. I gotta admit that this “greeting” between Togame and Hitei-hime left me quite amused, and kinda surprised too. Actually, scratch that, my face kinda matched Shichika’s throughout the whole thing and that is in good part thanks to the seiyuu behind it XD I don’t know why having this image of Tomacchan and Yukarin bickering just amuses the hell out of me o.O;
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Ookami-san 08 – Service cut banzai!!

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who went “wtf?! oh wait, yay” at this scene XD So random, so out of the blue, so awesome lol

It’s kinda sad that the highlight of an episode turns out to be something totally random and messed up that they probably just decided to put in for fanservice’s sake (as Kuroko’s narration admitted). I mean, the episode itself was rather dull, although admittedly that butler was pretty awesome. As a girl myself though… I’d like to slap him a couple of times for one of the… “flaws” he mentioned, but let’s not talk about that ^^;

Was also rather surprised to find Kotobuki Minako (mai waifu, for those unaware) being casted as some rich shota in this episode Read more of this post

Ookami-san 07 – Deredere Ryoko > Tsuntsun Ryoko 'su


Err… Not ’cause of the wet part… Jus’ da cute n’ deredere part… I swears ;A;

*cough* So, uhh, yeah, highlight of the episode is obviously Ryoko and her amnesia. Argh, makes me want more scenes of when she was 13 >.< Maybe we’ll get a proper episode dedicated to that eventually? ‘Cause honestly I wasn’t satisfied at all with the way the whole incident in the past was explained… Read more of this post

Shiki 06 – Higurashi-style vampires = this might actually get good?

Back after episode 3, I was just about ready to drop this series because they killed off the only seemingly interesting character from the very beginning, but after reading reviews of episode 4 onwards, I thought I’d give it chance since Shimizu makes an awesome comeback. Creepy Tomatsu voice is ❤

So anyway, episode 6 has quite a bit of story development, but most important to note is the fact that the main characters are all starting to notice a vampire/undead sort of deal going on with all the deaths. I don’t care what name they give it to make it prettier, vampires are vampires and I’m all in for that =D
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