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[Fanfiction] Shining☆Stars – A Sphere fanfic written by a bunch of HarukaxMinako shippers =x

Uhh… Where to start… First off, this was actually written like a month ago already, but I only bothered posting about it here now because… I’m lazy =D Also, I say “written by a bunch of bla bla” but it was really me doing all the writing. I just won’t hog all the credit though because the main plot idea wasn’t mine. This whole thing started after Su challenged me into writing a fanfic with “Haruka and Minako stuck at a studio because of a snow storm” as the base plot. I’m really weak with challenges so I just had to accept… And this is the result:
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How to distract myself until September 15th… Midnight Rambles blah

Probably the best answer~ And something I should be doing atm since it's 3 am...

In case you have no idea what’s happening on September 15th, check this~

I’m basically counting the days, hours and minutes until that day comes (even though the songs + PV will probably get leaked beforehand, at least partly) and I figured I had to complain somewhere XD

I think the easiest distractions I’ll be finding until then are 3 Sphere-related releases that should distract me for a week each Read more of this post