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Kotobuki Minako Blog Translation Project

This is probably really old news for my Twitter followers, but I was putting off announcing it on the blog for various reasons (noticed the blog layout change and image links change?). Still not really much of an excuse though, I guess.

But anyway, I figure now is as good a time as any for this, what with everyone blogging about the disasters in Japan. I’m sure many people are curious what their idols have to say about it, so here’s a little help:

Kotobuki Minako Blog Translation

It’s a project I started some time ago following in the steps of j1m0ne’s Aki and Haruka blog translations. The rest is self-explanatory I think.

Now if only someone would start one for Ayahi…

[Fanfiction] Shining☆Stars – A Sphere fanfic written by a bunch of HarukaxMinako shippers =x

Uhh… Where to start… First off, this was actually written like a month ago already, but I only bothered posting about it here now because… I’m lazy =D Also, I say “written by a bunch of bla bla” but it was really me doing all the writing. I just won’t hog all the credit though because the main plot idea wasn’t mine. This whole thing started after Su challenged me into writing a fanfic with “Haruka and Minako stuck at a studio because of a snow storm” as the base plot. I’m really weak with challenges so I just had to accept… And this is the result:
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I wanted to see Minako otageing to Sphere songs too…

This is a bit of a rare post coming from me, but I just had to share this little adventure of Mina-chan because, well, I was actually rather touched. To put it in a nutshell, what happened was the following: Kotobuki Minako was spotted at a screening for Sphere’s rings live tour 2010 FINAL in a theater in Shinjuku.

So what’s so awesome about that? Well, think about it. How many artists would actually dare mixing in with their fans and watch their own concert along with them? I’m sure someone’s done something like this before too, I’m just proud of my Mina-chan for doing this too *fake tears* Or maybe she was just being her usual thick self?

Anyway, I figure the best way to showcase this is by translating both Minako’s blog post about this, as well as the post of a lucky 2ch anon who happened to spot her at said screening.
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[PV] Kotobuki Minako – Startline (2nd Single)… 100 lives aren't enough with Minachan around *_*

Just doing my part to spread the word about the PV… Now excuse me while I go back to squeeing over the awesomeness (and cuteness) that is Minachan *_*

P.S. Song is pretty nice too btw. Quite an imrpovement from Shiny+

[Preview] Kotobuki Minako 2nd Single "Startline" Love at first listen?


Not bothering with youtube upload this time around because I’ll just get my account banned like that, and I’m too lazy to create one just for uploads, so from now on I’ll be embedding this kind of thing directly over here.

Or so I say, but to be honest I wasn’t planning on ripping any more songs and uploading them (Shiny+ was going to be the exception for being Minachan’s debut single and all that), but this song seriously caught me by surprise. I LOVE it. As simple as that. Cheerful, fast-paced, acoustic pop-rock that flows nicely? Why do I feel so cozy? =3

It’s a bit early to be saying anything certain yet, but it looks like Minako might have made herself a place in my heart as an artist as well now ^^

EDIT: Forgot to mention. This song will be the theme song to OVA anime “Koisento” which will be released on 27/11. Startline single will be released on 24/11~


Note: I’ve added a download link (torrent) for the movie at the bottom of the post. Scroll down to see why I actually bothered.

Erm, yeah, a bit of a serious-sounding title there ’cause I couldn’t come up with anything else, so let me warn you. The following is in no way a serious review of any sort. I’d say it’s more like a Minachan fapfest instead =D

First of all, a summary of the movie’s events, copy/pasted from the PFF award site (yes, this movie has won an award XD If it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t have even gotten this 1 week DVD thing in the first place =x) because I can’t bother with writing one.

When a sick mother mistakes her son’s boss, a secondhand shop owner, for her deceased husband, her daughter asks her brother and his boss to pretend to be a family for her sake. But her brother cannot give in to her and…
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Third Track from Kotobuki Minako's Debut Single Streamed!! Sweet songs are sweet~

So we’ve now heard two out of three songs from Shiny+ and neither is the title song, how ironic is that? (No, those 15s from the CM don’t count XD).

Hajimari no Basho is, as expected, a song about Kobe, Minako’s hometown. Style-wise, its kinda like soft rock I guess, kinda slow, but not exactly a ballad. To be honest I didn’t really expect this kinda of song (unlike back with Lilac which was exactly the kind of thing I was expecting from Minako) but that’s not a bad thing seeing as I generally prefer listening to this kind of songs more ^^

My only regret is that none of the songs on the single seem to let Minachan’s vocals shine all that much, but she sounds good enough, so it’s okay~

Just one more week until Shiny+ release!!