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Happy New Year ^^ Awesome way to wake up with awesome news from Ayane~

Yes, that's supposed to be Ayane :p

Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year!! あけましておめでとう (Akemashite Omedetou)!!!

Yeah, you get the point ^^ Gonna make this short ’cause I’m suffering through horrible lack of sleep @.@

Woke up on the new years and started checking some stuffs, and the nicest thing I read (apart from all the awesome Nana Kouhaku stuffs of course =3) is that… *drum rolls* Ayane’s new single release date!!!

banzai! Banzai!! BANZAI!!!

Release date will be: March 10th (2010 of course) and the title is: “Angelic bright”~! (I wonder if Ayane knows that you’re supposed to start all the words of a title (except the usual a, of, etc) with a capital… Oh well, she’s cute like that XD Better than writing it all in capital a la Nana =x)

Anyway, Ayane didn’t mention the single being connected to any anime/game, so it might actually be a standalone one ^^ I like the title for now (sounds… happy XD) so definitely looking forward to this~

P.S. This means that I’ll be getting 3 awesome singles per month (with some other, not-so-important ones in between of course) until March lol (Jan: PHANTOM MINDS. Feb: SILENT BIBLE. Mar: Angelic bright). Not sure about April, but with some luck Nana might release a new album around May or something =D (in time for my b-day this time hopefully, since UD got delayed until way after it >.<).

OK, I think I’m getting a bit too ahead of myself here XD It’s still the New Year’s~

P.P.S. I want to go back soooooo bad. Now I have TWO figure waiting for me (Seena and Miku) plus Live DiamondxFever. Never thought I’d ever hate holidays this much @.@

My first time… was with Ayane O.O /me fails as a Nanatard orz


Come to the dark side... We have cute twintails-chans o.O

Okay okay, before the title starts causing any confusion (as if that wasn’t on purpose *whistles*), what I mean was that it was the first time I went and did a poster myself. Well, not myself per se really. I just chose a picture (snapshot rather) and went to a photographer to make it bigger XD

Size-wise, the “poster” is A2 I think. I wanted B2, but it was impossible with how crappy the original picture was XD I mean, DVD snapshot lolz? Of course the picture is a bit modified. We cut the edges and whatnot, and brightened it up a bit and stuffs, but all in all I think it looks pretty decent XD Better than the one that came with the single at least =x

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I never did anything like this with Nana ’cause there was never any need to =3 I mean, finding an awesome Nana poster is easy peazy, finding a decent Ayane poster is frikkin’ tough >.<

Anyway, that’s it for today XD I’m too lazy to post anything about the Kureha figure, so I’ll just do that from work tomorrow~

WTF Mugen got leaked already XD?? WTF, Ayane’s single came with a double side B2 poster XD? WTF, too many wtf’s today *griiiiin*

I suck at taking pics orz

I suck at taking pics orz

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Okay, these past 2 days have been too awesome, I can’t help but be silly-happy ^^

First off, yeah, Mizuki Nana’s Mugen (White Album OP2) single got streamed already XD Yes yes, 4 days early lolz As usual, you can just browse the net a bit and you’ll be able to find it. Shouldn’t be too hard, there’s even a torrent out with it XP

As for the songs… I like all of them O.O I know I’m a Nanatard, but its still pretty rare for me to like all her single songs so much… I mean, when I think of her previous maxi-singles (Wild Eyes, STARCAMP EP), I remember finding a lot of flaws with them =x Well, thats a good sign for now I suppose XD Nana-chan, please keep this up ;p

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WOOT Ayane's cuteness keeps surprising me XD Arrival of tears PV is TEH awesomeness =D

I originally intended to write something about Arrival of tears once my own copy of the single arrived, and I still plan on doing that regarding the music, but I just had to comment on the PV the second I saw it >.<

I’ve actually been checking sites like youtube and nico nico douga regularly these days while waiting/searching for the PV, so obviously, I was really looking forward to it =3 Now, when the video was finally put up, and I got around to watching it, I gotta admit it started off quite badly. The whole gothic voice thing at the very beginning made me thing of… Ali Project… or worse… Mugen O.O And then Ayane popped up with that fugly black dress and the over-sized gloves and my face literally went =(

BUT THEN! OMG TWINTAILS + CUTE DRESS + AYANE IS SO EFFIN’ CUTE XDDD Yeah, that was kinda what ran through my mind when I saw the whole twintails thing Read more of this post

What voices can do…

~No top image this time around ’cause I got scarred when I saw this while searching for one…~

With summer bringing the usual summer boredom, I find myself watching random, pointless videos all the time when I should really be trying to write something for my fanfic instead… But one video in particular caught my attention. The opening for the PC visual novel 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-. I’ve actually had the video for ages, so I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed the thing that’s been eating away at my mind lately even sooner.
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