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[Review] Takamachi Nanoha (Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) by Alter… And the 3 Aces are finally together (^o^)/

Grandness and Beauty. That's Nanoha alright XD

I’m still having issues believing that this’ll be the last of the StrikerS series that Alter is releasing that I’m getting O.O For those following my figure reviews, I’ve mentioned before that I won’t be getting the Wolkies (not because I don’t want to of course, but it’s just too much $$ @.@) so the Shamal+Zafira figure that’ll be getting released later on won’t manage to make it to my doorstep >.<

But putting that aside, let’s move onto the actual review Read more of this post

[Review] Fate T. Harlaown by Alter… I'm still speechless…

Mesmerizing~ @.@

What the title says, I’m still speechless in the presence of this figure XD I could use all sorts of descriptive words like, awesome, amazing, breathtaking (ok maybe that’s starting to exaggerate things XD) but instead I’ll let the following images speak for themselves ^^ Read more of this post

[Review] GoodSmile Company's Morikawa Yuki + Ogata Rina [WHITE ALBUM]~ They look so pretty together @.@

Awesomeness x2

I originally thought of doing the review for each figure separately, since I awesomely asked HLJ to ship them separately (yes, I’m stupid), but ’cause of exams and stuff, both of them ended up arriving before I could write up the review for Yuki (since she arrived first). But anyway, exams are over (for anyone who cares, I did fine :p) and I’m currently grateful for them ’cause they made me wait for Rina to arrive. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about… It’s ’cause these two figure just HAVE to go together. Writing up separate reviews wouldn’t do either of them justice Read more of this post

Orchid Seed’s Seena Kanon [Shining Wind] : It’s awesomer in real life XD

Excuse the tardiness, but it’s finally here! My review of Orchid Seed’s Seena (from Shining Wind)!! Between being away when it arrived, and looping Mizuki Nana’s Live DiamondxFever since the minute I got my hands on it… Yeah, this ended up taking a bit too long to get written. But oh well, here it is now Read more of this post

Finally got my hands on Kotobukiya's Kureha!! Late figures are late, but damn was it worth it XD


Not the original image, but this was on the box anyway XD

Bwahahaha, ok, the dangers of working at an anime shop are finally showing XD If I hadn’t been working here, I wouldn’t have known that almost all the figures were being taken to some anime fair, and Kureha would’ve left and my wallet would’ve been saved, but alas, I’m not so lucky (or my wallet isn’t anyway; I’m happy with the figure =3). Erm, to make it clearer, what I mean is that one random day when I went to the shop to work, I found the owners packing stuffs up, and they told me that if I wanted any of the figures, I had to tell them then and there, so yeah, instincts took over and before I knew it, I was buying this lovely Kureha and taking her home Read more of this post

Subaru Nakajima Alter ver. is one beauty of a figure~ XP

Cool Subaru is cool XP

Cool Subaru is cool XP

Okay, I’ve been playing too much WOW lately, I kept putting this off ^^; But here it is at last, my review on Alter’s new masterpiece; Subaru Nakajima, from the awesome Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS series~ It took me time, but I’m finally sharing this figure’s awesomeness with you guys Read more of this post

Re-Hikari no Bouken o.O? Why do the worst stuff happen whenever a figure arrives -_-??

Just begged to get a picture taken with XD

Just begged to get a picture taken with XD

YES! Finally Back!! Damn, those were some long holidays alright >.< Not to mention I spent 95% of them without net, and the little net time I could manage, the net was so crappy, I might’ve been better off without it >_> But the bitching aside… *phew* it’s good to be back ^^

Now, I don’t know if anyone remembers, but before I left, I posted a little something about some figures that were coming out, and I mentioned somewhere in between something that would be arriving soon that “even the Nanatard in me says wasn’t worth its priceRead more of this post