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[Review] Spring is (not) here – Sphere

Spring is nowhere to be seen apparently, neither literally (weather-wise) or figuratively (feelings-wise). But that matters not, since despite fears over last week’s releases being postponed, they haven’t after all. So despite the crap weather and horrible disaster, Sphere still tries bringing spring to us.

Let’s see if they’ve succeeded.
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[Fanfiction] Shining☆Stars – A Sphere fanfic written by a bunch of HarukaxMinako shippers =x

Uhh… Where to start… First off, this was actually written like a month ago already, but I only bothered posting about it here now because… I’m lazy =D Also, I say “written by a bunch of bla bla” but it was really me doing all the writing. I just won’t hog all the credit though because the main plot idea wasn’t mine. This whole thing started after Su challenged me into writing a fanfic with “Haruka and Minako stuck at a studio because of a snow storm” as the base plot. I’m really weak with challenges so I just had to accept… And this is the result:
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[Translation] Kimi no Sora ga Hareru Made – sphere

Title: 君の空が晴れるまで (Kimi no Sora ga Hareru Made) – Until Your Sky Clears Up

Artist: スフィア (sphere)

Lyrics: 畑亜貴 (Hata Aki)

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How to distract myself until September 15th… Midnight Rambles blah

Probably the best answer~ And something I should be doing atm since it's 3 am...

In case you have no idea what’s happening on September 15th, check this~

I’m basically counting the days, hours and minutes until that day comes (even though the songs + PV will probably get leaked beforehand, at least partly) and I figured I had to complain somewhere XD

I think the easiest distractions I’ll be finding until then are 3 Sphere-related releases that should distract me for a week each Read more of this post