First half of 2011 in terms of ANISON

Well here we are, halfway through 2011 already. Time flies, time flies. And with it a bunch of anime come and go, leaving behind trails in the forms of tears (ANOHANA ;_; ), laughs and what’s important for this blog, music.

I’m not sure what to make of the fact that I knew which single I’d be crowning as my no.1 for the first half of the year without giving it barely any thought. It could mean two things:

1, said single is just too damn awesome.
2, everything else was just darn shitty.

Well, I say it’s a mixture of both lol

Anyway, let’s just get on with it shall we.

Best anison single of 2011 (first half):


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[Translation] Stalker no Uta ~3 Choume, Anata no Ie~ – Abe Mao

Title: ストーカーの唄 〜3丁目、貴方の家〜 (Stalker no Uta ~3 Choume, Anata no Ie) – Stalker Song ~3rd Block, Your House~

Artist: 阿部真央 (Abe Mao)

Lyrics: 阿部真央 (Abe Mao)

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[Review] A few notes on Nana Mizuki’s double single release

As some of you may know, Nana is releasing two singles, titled SCARLET KNIGHT and POP MASTER, this week. Last time she did something like this was back in 2002, that is, 9 years ago, so an occasion like this deserves a post, doesn’t it? Oh, wait, everything Nana releases is worth a post!

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AKB48′s Reaction Queen’s (Kashiwagi Yuki’s)… Reactions Collection. Part 2

I totally did not forget about this post. Really!

*cough* Anyway, since there are people interested after all, I bring you now the second part of my gif collection for Yukirin’s many awesome reactions. If you liked the previous post, then brace yourself for this one, ’cause I’m the kind to leave the best for last, if you know what I mean ;p
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[Review] Spring is (not) here – Sphere

Spring is nowhere to be seen apparently, neither literally (weather-wise) or figuratively (feelings-wise). But that matters not, since despite fears over last week’s releases being postponed, they haven’t after all. So despite the crap weather and horrible disaster, Sphere still tries bringing spring to us.

Let’s see if they’ve succeeded.
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AKB48’s Reaction Queen’s… Reactions Collection. Part 1

Oh hey, rehi is talking about AKB48? Worry not, the disease hasn’t reached me… yet XD Instead, I find myself being entranced by the group’s Reaction Queen, Kashiwagi Yuki. Boy has never a title been as well deserved as this one XD

I’m not sure how many of our readers care about AKB48 since I myself had no interest in them whatsoever until the whole Beginner PV fuss. But it’s not like this really has anything to do with the group itself. It’s really more like a tribute to Yukirin… Because the following is a collection of gifs I’ve made myself based on the many awesome reactions she’s blessed(?) us with throughout a variety of her appearances.

Even if you have no interest in the girl, I still recommend giving them a look ’cause they’re damn funny, if I dare say so myself =D
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Kotobuki Minako Blog Translation Project

This is probably really old news for my Twitter followers, but I was putting off announcing it on the blog for various reasons (noticed the blog layout change and image links change?). Still not really much of an excuse though, I guess.

But anyway, I figure now is as good a time as any for this, what with everyone blogging about the disasters in Japan. I’m sure many people are curious what their idols have to say about it, so here’s a little help:

Kotobuki Minako Blog Translation

It’s a project I started some time ago following in the steps of j1m0ne’s Aki and Haruka blog translations. The rest is self-explanatory I think.

Now if only someone would start one for Ayahi…