Persona 4 The Animation so far (episodes 1 & 2)


Persona 4 The Animation

It’s finally here!!! I’ve been waiting for a persona game adaptation since forever.  Although I wish they’d animate 3 first, since it’s probably easier to animate and insanely more epic, persona 4 adaptation is all fine with me.  I’m actually trying to forget Persona ~Trinity Soul~  was there to begin with, although, truth be told, I liked some of the characters there (mainly the girls).

As I’ve stated in another post, I’ve played persona 3 and 4 at least two times each.  That’s around 100+ hours of gaming for each (yes, I like to actually check the dialogue at least once, although I end up checking it a second time).  I could say a lot about the games but there’s little point in that.  Also, seeing as the anime is closely following the game (almost to a fault), extra information from the game will probably not be needed.

Anyway, I promised I’d blog this even if the world ended, so here it goes. Read more of this post


Spring 2010 first impressions – Over and out

Let's do this one more time

Yes, yes, it’s me.  No, no, I’m not back.  Yes, my thesis will eventually be finished, one way or another.  Nope, I have to go to some supposed crappy place for around a year so I won’t be able to post anything yet again.  Anyways, it’s late, and I have stuff to do so I’ll try to keep it short.

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Winter Season 2010 – Impressions so far

"I'll be npalsensei's waifu when I grow up!"

Ok, so, +14 years means that I’ll be… meh, age doesn’t matter after that anyway…

Leaving the dreamscape for a moment, no, /me is not back, I just took some time off uni and other stuff to post this.  This winter season is a mixed bag.  There are some pretty awesome stuff (ok, not that many), some… well, watchable or even fun stuff, some meh stuff and some why-the-hell-do-people-even-watch-this-crap stuff.

Since I started with Anzu, Read more of this post

Shangri-la episode 16 – WTF O_o Oh, and no Karin today, people.

O_o This ep didn't start well.  The bad omens are obvious

O_o This ep didn't start well. The bad omens are obvious

You know how it goes, when something starts with Joker scheming and a crying loli, you know this episode doesn’t bode well.  Oh, right, I could have posted this on Wednesday or Thursday but many things happened, many things… *silly aura*  Generally my time sucks, I have other stuff to do plus my final paper.  So yeah, delays and plain non-posts (like how I skipped a Needless and various other anime episodes this week) are bound to happen till winter and since there’s no one else to cover for me for the summer, it’s gonna suck a bit.

The episode is rather serious.  I kinda knew Shangri-la doesn’t pull any punches but damn.  Only ONE Momoko joke, no Kuniko fanservice shots and a number of other serious stuff dropped my screenshot count to 16 O_o That’s a record low.  Anyway, I’ll try to keep it short and hopefully HTML won’t get killed by that nice service that is lame WP…

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Shangri-la episode 15 – This just got a bit more complicated… but it moves!

Finally Shangri-la subs!

Finally Shangri-la subs!

Time for Shangri-la!  All the more reason to blog this now after the Haruhi fiasco.  And thankfully, I’ll only be doing Shangri-la reviews on Friday for the summer, which is good, cause double reviewing this along Crapuhi only makes the former feel the strain of the double review.

This episode feels a bit information heavy as it seems like a filler episode until it starts moving on multiple fronts and in the end raising more questions (again). Read more of this post

Haruhi S2 (?) episode 6 (?) – Damn… I don’t care anymore…

[Mazui]_Suzumiya_Haruhi_no_Yuuutsu_(2009)_-_16_[2225CDD1][(000378)15-13-20]Obligatory introductory pic.

Overall, I’d rather be blogging something else.  If you need to know the episode review, just browse the previous Haruhi reviews.  It’s pretty much the same.  Easily spotted differences in this one is the clock effect near the end, the re-emergence of Mikuru’s classified info talk, the last Yuki-Kyon talk moved to Test of courage and the omission of the yukata shopping. Read more of this post

Needless ep 2 – The Eve Testament… and damn, too much Yamada…

I keep trying to forget that...

I keep trying to forget that...

After the Friday post burnout, here’s ME, back with Needless episode 2.  Of course, WP being lame wants to make my life harder by having captions break for retarded reasons…  Anyway, I know I should have reviewed this one a bit sooner but I wasn’t in the mood yesterday, after having covered 2 series on Friday on time.

Second episode is Eve heaven, so all you drooling perverts should be happy Read more of this post