First half of 2011 in terms of ANISON

Well here we are, halfway through 2011 already. Time flies, time flies. And with it a bunch of anime come and go, leaving behind trails in the forms of tears (ANOHANA ;_; ), laughs and what’s important for this blog, music.

I’m not sure what to make of the fact that I knew which single I’d be crowning as my no.1 for the first half of the year without giving it barely any thought. It could mean two things:

1, said single is just too damn awesome.
2, everything else was just darn shitty.

Well, I say it’s a mixture of both lol

Anyway, let’s just get on with it shall we.

Best anison single of 2011 (first half):


Horie Yui – Inmoralist (Dragon Crisis OP)

I was in love with the title song the moment I heard the full version. It’s so messed up but so controlled at the same time, brilliant. If it takes a break of over a year to come up with something this awesome, then I’d welcome such a break at any time. The 2nd track on the single, True Truly Love, is also strong enough to stand its own as a title track even, and Hocchan rapping has to be the cutest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Then the 3rd track, Holiday, while easily the weakest, was also a cheerful song that harmed no ears. A fine single all around. Oh, and the PV is kickass.

Honorable mentions: Rie Fu – For You (Hourou Musuko ED), Sphere – Hazy (Hanasaku Iroha ED).

…and since I’m at it~

Best anison-related album of 2011 (first half):

love your life, love my life

Toyosaki Aki – love your life, love my life

While I’ll admit to having been a bit disappointed with this album, that is in no part because the songs were no good. Quite the opposite, if anything. Aki’s singles prior to the album release had just set the bar too high, that’s all. Songs like love your life and Dill were just too lovable and hard to compete with. Of course, said songs are in the album, so that’s all good there. As for the album songs themselves, I’d point out Hello Allo and Alright as being the better ones, while march is also good in its own way. All in all, this is definitely one of the strongest albums I’ve come across from any seiyuu lately. A shame that it was somewhat wasted on these vocals in particular…

Honorable mentions: Katakiri Rekka – History of WORXSONGz, Sakamoto Maaya – You can’t catch me

…and that would be all. I might make a similar post for regular JPop later on. Or hoax kawaii-nanami into doing it =x

5 responses to “First half of 2011 in terms of ANISON

  1. Senyuizuki June 29, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    I totally agree with your choices for the best anison single for the first half 2011.
    Yui Horie’s Immoralist single was indeed brilliant.
    Rie fu’s For You is just lovely. Unfortunately I’ve read that she only sold around 1000 copies of the single.
    And Hazy is easily the second best single Sphere ever released(after Now loading … SKY!!). It’s so different from their other songs …

    And yeah Aki’s solo album was quite good. I think its only fault is that it’s maybe a bit too mellow. But yeah, the album could hardly blow with the great songwriters she had.

    • rehikari June 29, 2011 at 10:52 pm

      Man, you’re the person with the closest taste to mine I know around the web probably XD And going by that, I do recommend that you give the 2 other albums I’ve mentioned a listen if you haven’t yet ^^

  2. Jochem June 30, 2011 at 10:34 am

    I’ve heard Maaya Sakamoto’s You can’t catch me and I thought it was rather okay. I haven’t heard that other album you mentioned though; I’ll add it to my listening pile.

  3. npal July 1, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    I liked “Answer” by no3b best, although Immoralist was a good try xP

  4. desperatebenou July 27, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    I totally agree with you. Since I am a huge fan of Hocchan, I was kinda excited to see her releasing a new single after an entire year of nothing.
    I love that song because it is so different from everything she had done before. I love how high she can sing and I love how evil is the song + the PV.
    Really brilliant.