Random listenings~

So a few days ago I realized I actually had a jpopsuki account (though even if I hadn’t realized that, I was gonna make one anyway, since they had temporary open registration at the time) and since I’m now supposed to be studying… I decided to make use of that account and download some music instead =D

The following is just my opinion on the VERY random stuff I downloaded (okay, actually, it’s not so random. What I did was go to my current obsession’s last.fm artist page and check up some of the similar artists there XD Kudos to anyone who can figure out who that artist is from the following. Going to my last.fm profile page and checking doesn’t count :p). So yeah, don’t expect much coherency in this post ^^;

Here goes nothing.


Electronic rock? Color me suspicious already. I like rock for its acoustics thank you very much. I can’t stand someone screaming their head off and passing that off as being a rocker. Managed a song and a half before dumping this into the trashcan ^^; Really, where’s the similarity?!

nano.RIPE – Patricia & Flash Keeper

I’ve been meaning to check them out since the release of their second single, Flash Keeper, but for some reason never got around to it. When I saw their name in the similar artists list, I figured, “well, about time I give them a try,” and what can I say? Their case is a case I seem to come across a lot with small bands like these… Nice instrumentals, grating vocals >.< Their first single in particular is really nice, enough to actually make me swallow the singer’s high pitched voice (it kinda reminds me of Itou Kanae’s actually, but with better singing at least XD) and keep it! I’ll also be keeping an eye on this band, though I guess the fact that they’re signed to Lantis record label probably means that I’ll be coming across them again eventually even if I didn’t want to XD

Guruguru – Digdag

All-girl rock band. While I do usually like the idea of it, this kind of group more often than not ends up disappointing me. Not the case here. Somewhat rough but overall controlled sound, for both instrumentals and vocals. There isn’t really anything that stands out here, but it’s the nice, rhythmic kind of rock that I’m sure you know I totally love if you’ve read my ridiculous Stereopony fangirling post. This group is a keep! Though I don’t think I’ll actually be following the group all that closely since, well, they kinda lack originality ^^;

andymori – fanfaare to nekkyo & andymori

Varying styles and arrangements, but can be pretty much summed up with acoustic pop/rock. They’ve got some pretty fast-paced songs and I rather like that (hello, Mizuki Nana fan here :p). Their songs are generally pretty fun and lighthearted, so it’s nice stuff to listen to when one’s in a good mood =D The first album, andymori, had some pretty weird and original stuff too, so their sound as a whole is pretty interesting I’d say *nods*

Kiyoshi Ryujin – WORLD

When the artists do start getting similar, it gets kinda hard to describe them differently each huh… Again, a case of acoustic pop, though in this case most of the songs are rather slow paced. The album as a whole felt a bit… Messy. Some really unoriginal songs, some attempts at creativity, some variety. Well, as a whole, not really my cup of tea (except for maybe a couple of songs). Out of all the artists I’ve come across here, this dude is probably the most mainstream-sounding, so it’s not so surprising really heh.

Fukurouzu – Gomen ne & Loop Suru

Probably the artist of this bunch that sounds the most like the artist I had mentioned I was currently obsessed with (I think I should mention them some day… Yeah. Wouldn’t be fair otherwise XD). Funky sound that just makes you want to tap your finger along to the beat. Or clap. Or click your fingers. Each song is different, yet similar. As usual, I have no idea how to describe something I like (I seem to have it easier with the stuff I dislike XD), but my point is, this stuff is nice, as long as you can swallow the somewhat weird vocals that is. I used to have issues with this kind of dreamy singing until I fell in love with Soupnote, so yeah, if it’s not your kind of thing, you might want to consider hanging onto it for the brilliant music first :p

And that would be all for this round! Phew, took longer to write out than I had originally intended ^^; I guess listening to all those albums closely enough to formulate a proper opinion on them is kinda time-consuming too… Oh well, don’t expect this kind of posts too often (though I do have a similar one in the making already orz). Hopefully this has helped some lost soul in search of the right thing to listen to out there!


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