[Fanfiction] Shining☆Stars – A Sphere fanfic written by a bunch of HarukaxMinako shippers =x

Uhh… Where to start… First off, this was actually written like a month ago already, but I only bothered posting about it here now because… I’m lazy =D Also, I say “written by a bunch of bla bla” but it was really me doing all the writing. I just won’t hog all the credit though because the main plot idea wasn’t mine. This whole thing started after Su challenged me into writing a fanfic with “Haruka and Minako stuck at a studio because of a snow storm” as the base plot. I’m really weak with challenges so I just had to accept… And this is the result:


I originally wanted to post it on fanfiction.net (since I do have a (rather abandoned) user profile there) but I couldn’t really find an appropriate category so whatever, you’ll have to make do with downloading the original .rtf file if you’re interested :p

Not sure what else to say other than, well, as a writer, if you do end up reading the fic, I’d like some constructive criticism and all that jazz. Always helps you know ;p

Finally, if you liked the fic, then please look forward to a second one I’m working on at the moment =D This time the plot was worked out by several people from motto Hade ni Chat! and I’m doing the writing, again. It’ll be split into 4 chapters and the first one is already written out. It’s just a matter of when I decide to post it so… Please be patient =3

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