10 years of Nana Mizuki


On December 6th, 2000, a 20-year-old seiyuu called Nana Mizuki made her debut as a singer with a single called Omoi. Said single was rather average and it didn’t find any success: actually, it even failed to chart on Oricon, and the singles that followed it didn’t do much better either. Back then, she’d never imagined that 10 years later her music career would be a total success, to the point that she would achieve things nobody else had managed to achieve before.

Nana’s career took really long to take off: it took her 4 years of little success and 10 singles to reach the top 10 of the charts, and it wasn’t until last year when she finally managed to top Oricon with her 7th album ULTIMATE DIAMOND, becoming the first seiyuu to do so. It was also in 2009 when she started getting some exposure on TV music shows, which allowed her to get noticed by a wider audience -and not only by otaku who spend their lives locked in their rooms watching anime. Out of all those TV appearances, the most important one was without an her performance at Kouhaku Uta Gassen: it was the first time a seiyuu was invited to this popular end-of-the-year show.

And just as expected, this 2010 her success has kept growing: in January, she got her first #1 single – the first single from a seiyuu to top the charts- PHANTOM MINDS, which also became her best-selling single ever; her 8th album IMPACT EXCITER, released last summer, became her best-selling album as well; her exposure on TV has been getting higher and higher, and a few weeks ago, we learned that this year she’d be at Kouhaku again. Congratulations, Nana!

It’s impressive how far she’s managed to get, especially considering that all the odds were against her: crappy tie-ins for her earliest singles (the first decent tie-in she got was Nanoha and that wasn’t until 2004), not-so-good looks during the earliest years of her career (that hair… and those clothes… I’d like to know what her stylists were thinking about ._.’), and last but not least, the “stigma” of being an anisong singer AND a seiyuu. In general, singers who always rely on anime tie-ins usually remain unnoticed by the mainstream – they rarely / never get any promotion on TV shows, only otaku care about them, etc – but if you’re a seiyuu, this situation gets even worse: you’re doomed to be underrated. There’s an understandable reason for this, though: the vast majority of seiyuu out there can’t sing a note. But through years of hard work, and thanks to the support of her loyal fans, Nana has managed to show to the public that she’s one of the few exceptions. Nana isn’t just a “seiyuu who sings”, but rather a TRUE singer who also does voice acting. Actually, when it comes to singing, she’s one of the best live performers in the Japanese pop scene. And it’s great to see how people outside anime circles have noticed her talent and allowed her to enjoy her current success.

Through the 10 years of her career, Nana has released over 300 songs, and even though she’s mainly a pop-rock artist, she’s tackled many other different genres such as enka, opera, dance or even metal. Her sound has changed a lot throughout the years, too: while her earliest music was “cuter” and more “sugary”, it’s been gradually evolving into a more mature sound. Being such a versatile artist, she’s managed to gather many different kinds of fans, and with so many songs under her belt, I’m sure every person out there might find at least one Nana song that fits their tastes.

I’ve been listening to her since late 2007, but it wasn’t until 2008 when I became the huge fan I am now. Which means that I’m part of the so-called “post-Nanoha fanbase” (I haven’t even watched that anime), and, like most of these fans, I prefer her most recent material. There are plenty of Nana songs I love and very few ones I dislike, so choosing a favorite (or a few ones) is quite hard for me. But I’ve tried my best and I’ve made a list of the 35 Nana songs I consider my favorites right now. Note that the songs are listed in order of release date and not in order of personal preference (it would be almost impossible for me to do that accurately since my personal ranking constantly changes depending on my mood and other factors). That said, here goes my list!

1. TRANSMIGRATION (supersonic girl, 2001): Many fans, especially the most veteran ones, often list this song as one of their favorites, and I’m not surprised because this song was way ahead of its time: it was too good to belong to such a mediocre album like supersonic girl. I fell in love with it the moment I listened to it for the first time, and it’s still one of my favorites.

2. Mafuyu no Kanransha (supersonic girl, 2001): To be honest, I didn’t use to care about this song, but one day I suddenly noticed how beautiful of a ballad it is. It’s like the perfect winter ballad you feel like listening to in a cold December night like today.

3.  Ano Hi Yumemita Negai (MAGIC ATRACTION, 2002): I love Nana’s old ballads; they have some kind of charm I don’t know how to explain. I wish she released more of these nice piano ballads nowadays…

4. Orgel to Piano to –holy Style- (MAGIC ATRACTION, 2002): Same as above.

5. JET PARK (DREAM SKIPPER, 2003): One of my favorites amongst Nana’s old pop-rock songs. It’s fun, energetic, catchy, and sounds great when performed live.

6. cherish (ALIVE & KICKING, 2004): I just love the way Nana sings this beautiful ballad, she puts a lot of emotion in it.

7. Miracle Flight (ALIVE & KICKING, 2004): This is one of the best cutesy songs Nana has ever released and it’s been one of my favorites since forever. One single listen of this tune is enough to cheer me up.

8. Tears’ Night (ALIVE & KICKING, 2004): Another epic song that has been one of my all-time favorites since the day I first listened to it. I’m not sure if this is my absolute favorite Nana song right now (it used to be, but right now there are other songs I love as much as this one), but if I had to make a list of my top 5 Nana songs, this one would be in it, that’s for sure.

9. WILD EYES (HYBRID UNIVERSE; released as a single in 2005): Like Tears’ Night, WILD EYES has been one of my favorite Nana songs since forever. Awesome from the beginning to the end.

10. Zankou no Gaia (HYBRID UNIVERSE, 2006): This song is already epic by itself, with powerful vocals and awesome instrumentals (I especially love the intro), but when performed live, it gets like 7777 times better. I adore it ♥.

11. Hoshizora to Tsuki to Hanabi no Shita (HYBRID UNIVERSE, 2006): Nobody seems to care about this song, but I personally love it.  It’s quite different from the kind of ballad Nana usually sings, and that makes me like it even more. The last 2 minutes of this song are the definition of awesomeness.

12. Justice to Believe (released as a single in 2006): Another old favorite. A pity it never made it to an album (and no, the remix of this song included in THE MUSEUM doesn’t count, it’s way too long for my taste. I prefer by far the original version).

13. SECRET AMBITION (GREAT ACTIVITY, 2007): For me, SECRET AMBITION is, along with Pray and PHANTOM MINDS, the best Nanoha-related song Nana has ever put out. Nana’s rock songs are usually awesome, and this one is not an exception.

14. Heart-shaped chant (GREAT ACTIVITY, 2007): Awesome instrumentals, even more awesome vocals, and way too good to be just a b-side (luckily, it made it to the album). It’s also one of those songs whose live performances I enjoy the most. Simply EPIC.

15. Pray (b-side of MASSIVE WONDERS, 2007): As I said before, this is one of the best Nanoha songs ever; I still don’t understand why it never made it to an album.

16. TRY AGAIN (GREAT ACTIVITY, 2007): Why does everybody hate this song? I love it with all my heart. Listening to this song puts me in a great mood. The chorus is what makes this song truly awesome.

17. Chronicle of sky (GREAT ACTIVITY, 2007): Another fantastic upbeat song from Nana. For some reason, this song sounds to me like the perfect opening for some anime series based on a fantasy world. I love it.

18. Orchestral Fantasia (GREAT ACTIVITY, 2007): Everything I said about Heart-shaped chant before can be applied to this song as well, but I like Orchestral Fantasia even more. And the PV is so lovely ♥. It’s definitely one of her best songs.

19. Astrogation (ULTIMATE DIAMOND; released as a single in 2008): Even though I always liked this song, it wasn’t until UD was released when my love towards it increased to the point that it became one of my favorite Nana songs to date. The instrumentals are what make this song so great.

20. Trickster (ULTIMATE DIAMOND; released as a single in 2008): Nana + rock = epic win. Enough said.

21. DISCOTHEQUE (b-side of Trickster, 2008): I didn’t really like this song at first, and I even remember skipping it when listening to the Trickster single. But for some reason, it started growing a lot on me. It might be because of its overly cute PV, its catchy chorus or the CHU-RU-CHU-RU-CHU PA-RA-PAs, who knows, but the fact is that now I love it.

22. Garasu no Hana (SOUND OF DESTINY, 2009): Here’s another song not many people care about. I don’t have many character songs among my favorites, but this beautiful ballad is one of the few exceptions. I remember being completely obsessed with it when it came out, and I still love it with my heart and soul.

23. Shin Ai (ULTIMATE DIAMOND, 2009): This was the first time we got a ballad single from Nana, and it turned out to be amazing. The instrumentals are delicious and Nana’s vocals shine a lot in this song. It’s amazing how Nana can hit all those weird notes with no problems even when singing live ♥.

24. Etsuraku Camellia (ULTIMATE DIAMOND, 2009): This is one of the most original songs I’ve ever heard: a mixture of enka and metal. Add to it the most awesome PV Nana has ever gotten and as a result, you have one of the best songs she’s released to date.

25. Gimmick Game (ULTIMATE DIAMOND, 2009): All of Nana’s dance songs are excellent, but this one is my favorite. It’s so catchy I can’t help leaving it on repeat every time I decide to listen to it.

26. Mugen (IMPACT EXCITER, released as a single in 2009): I’ll never get why some people hate this song so much to the point they say it’s her worst song ever. I personally loved both the song and the PV; it was cool to see the “darkest” side of our dear Nana. I love it when artists experiment with different music styles and looks.

27. Eien no Utahime (Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva OST, 2009): Just three words: NANA SINGING OPERA. The song is REALLY long (it lasts over 7 minutes), but I don’t care: it’s awesome anyways.

28. PHANTOM MINDS (IMPACT EXCITER, 2010): Nana’s biggest hit to date totally deserved its success: it’s one of the best songs she’s released this year and also my most played song of 2010.

29. Silent Bible (IMPACT EXCITER, 2010): Isn’t it surprising to see how all of her most recent singles have made it to my top Nana songs? I know plenty of fans won’t agree with me, but I think that lately, the quality of Nana’s releases is being more consistent than ever. I think I’m running out of adjectives to describe how good my favorite Nana songs are, so I’ll just say I loved this one as well.

30. UNCHAIN∞WORLD (b-side of Silent Bible, 2010): Since the moment I heard that 15-second preview of this song, I knew I was going to love it. I can’t wait to get my copies of Live Games x Academy to finally be able to watch a live performance of this powerful tune.

31. Heaven in the Hell (Shinakoi Drama CD, 2010): Despite being a character song, it doesn’t sound like one at all. Instead, Heaven in the Hell has a sound more similar to that of Nana’s usual songs. Actually, it sounds a lot like UNCHAIN∞WORLD, which means that it’s equally epic.

32. Koi no Yokushiryoku (METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER OST, 2010): Another character song that turned out to be unexpectedly awesome. I especially love the way Nana sings it, her voice sounds great here. A pity they didn’t include the original version on IMPACT EXCITER instead of that not-so-good remix…

33. Mysterion (IMPACT EXCITER, 2010): This is one of those songs that never leave you indifferent: you either hate it or love it. It impressed me a lot since the first time I listened to it: I love how Nana manages to sing such difficult songs with no problems, and as I said before, I just love it when she sings rock.

34. NEXT ARCADIA (IMPACT EXCITER, 2010): This song is so much fun, I love it. I really like the arrangement, the introduction is awesome, the chorus is epic and I’m sure it’s one of the many Nana songs that sound much better when performed live.

35. Shichigatsu Nanoka (IMPACT EXCITER, 2010): A beautiful ballad composed by Mika Agematsu, who also collaborated with Nana for Heart-shaped Chant and Shin Ai. I love how Nana’s voice sounds here, and the harp that plays during the whole song gives it a very relaxing and peaceful feel.

Now, it’s your turn. Which are your favorite Nana songs? What do you think about the way her music and / or her career have evolved? Do you prefer her recent music or are you more of a fan of her earliest works? I love sharing this kind of opinions with the rest of the fandom, and I’d like to know about the opinions of other fans as well. Feel free to leave a comment, and happy Nanaversary to you all!

11 responses to “10 years of Nana Mizuki

  1. zzeroparticle December 6, 2010 at 6:48 am

    I think the first song that really got Nana on my radar was Wild Arms’s Justice to Believe, which really blew me away with the strength of the melody and the vocals, which felt really expressive with the way she does those vibratos. From there on, I’ve been sold on her performances, especially with the work she did for Nanoha and While Album.

    • kawaii-nanami December 9, 2010 at 8:21 pm

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Justice to Believe was also one of the first Nana songs I fell in love with. I liked Nana’s music since the first time I listened to some of her songs, but what turned me into the huge fan I’m now were indeed her flawless live performances. You don’t see many singers out there who sound that great live ❤

  2. Iluzki December 6, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    “Being such a versatile artist, she’s managed to gather many different kinds of fans, and with so many songs under her belt, I’m sure every person out there might find at least one Nana song that fits their tastes.”

    This description fits me quite accurately, well stated. Most of all, I’m a rock / metal fan but she has become quite an exception in my eyes during these couple of years I’ve listened to her songs. To this day, I’ve heard quite many anison singers but at the moment, she is the only one I can A) take seriously as an artist and B) enjoy wholeheartedly. Rare mix for me, when it comes to j-pop.

    But actually it was energetic Super Generation in 2008, which made me interested in Nana. I loved the PV and the vocal performance, and that encouraged me to check out a couple of other songs before taking a full-length album to listening. That album was Great Activity, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it as a whole. Other albums followed after. And after that, it was time to watch, how she manages in live setting. I’ve had heard her sing a couple of songs live in some youtube videos (like many of us, I suppose? Of course, same applies to her PV’s) but I wanted see the whole show, not just a singular live track from here and there. In 2009, Live Fighter Blue Side had just been released a couple of months earlier, and I downloaded it. I thought it was solid performance by her, but it kinda lacked something. Maybe it was the huge arena, which ate away the live intensity. I wasn’t sure but that made me look deeper into her live DVD catalogue starting all the way from the beginning: Live Attraction.

    Live Attraction was very different from Live Fighter: the audience was much more nearer to the stage and audible, Nana looked/acted differently (e.g. more nervous) but at the same, she still sang very well when you take into account that was only her second tour at that time. Actually, even with its flaws I enjoyed Live Attraction more than the Live Fighter Blue Side, and that gave me courage to continue my mission. Next one was Live Skipper, and that’s the moment when it finally happened: I was really impressed. The live show, the set list, Nana’s performance and overall live sound all together were great. I finally saw what she was capable of.

    After Live Skipper, it felt just natural to watch the other live DVD’s as well. After this, Budokan lives were next on my list, after that Live Museum/Universe set, Live Formula and finally, both Live Fighters. At the end of the 2009, I had watched all of her live DVD’s and I was amazed, how much I enjoyed most of them. Suffice to say, the more I watched these performances repeatedly again, I listened to her discography with the same intensity. In the end, I had become quite huge fan of hers. 🙂


    And regarding this quote, I’d like to give my point of view:

    “I’ve been listening to her since late 2007, but it wasn’t until 2008 when I became the huge fan I am now. Which means that I’m part of the so-called “post-Nanoha fanbase” (I haven’t even watched that anime), and, like most of these fans, I prefer her most recent material.”

    I’m one of those people, who enjoy her earlier material more than the more recent, athough I’ve ‘properly’ listened to her music only since 2009, basically. I have quite many favourite songs on the new albums / singles but the material released between 2002-2007 touches me more than the songs released after 2008. Maybe it’s the more rock-oriented, more simple but powerful sound she had before Ultimate Diamond. Sometimes I find the new stuff too orchestral, too pompous, too electronic and in addition, sometimes too experimental as well. I’m glad that she is evolving as an artist but it’s hard to see she’ll ever top her best releases / golden years ever again. Maybe I sound too harsh on this topic but that’s how I feel honestly, though I am still very interested to see, how things turn out with her mission to claim mainstream appreciation.

    …sorry for the long post, btw. ^^’

    • kawaii-nanami December 9, 2010 at 8:24 pm

      Yes, it was quite a long post, but that’s not a bad thing; I really like reading such elaborate comments! ^o^ Thanks for taking your time to reply.

      I personally think the question of what’s better, either Nana’s earlier stuff or her most recent material, is just a matter of each one’s taste. Example: you said you prefer her earlier material because her most recent music is “too orchestral, too pompous, too electronic… too experimental” for your taste, but those are exactly the reasons why I like it. I love it when artists experiment, I’m a sucker for songs with overly powerful instrumentals and / or vocals and I really like electronic music and listen to many electropop groups such as Perfume or some K-pop bands. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised with songs such as Mugen, Mysterion (which are usually hated by the fandom) or Etsuraku Camellia, that’s why I adore songs like UNCHAIN∞WORLD or Heart-shaped Chant, and that’s why I enjoy songs like SCOOP SCOPE, Gimmick Game or Toraware no Babel. But if you’re a fan of a more pop-rockish sound (like the overall sound we can find on DREAM SKIPPER), it’s understandable why you think her earlier music is better.

      Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there who think that their personal opinion = universal truth. Just because something isn’t their cup of tea, doesn’t mean it’s “crap”. There are plenty of music genres and artists I dislike for several reasons; does that mean they’re bad or something? No, it’s just that they don’t fit my tastes, and there are plenty of people out there who, unlike me, enjoy them. (This last paragraph isn’t directed to you btw, it’s just that, back when IMPACT EXCITER was released, I read certain comments coming from some butthurt fans that just made me rage).

      A long reply to a long comment ~

      • Iluzki December 10, 2010 at 10:46 pm

        “Example: you said you prefer her earlier material because her most recent music is “too orchestral, too pompous, too electronic… too experimental” for your taste, but those are exactly the reasons why I like it.”
        In fact, literally I started that sentence with “sometimes”, which means there are many great songs among her recent work as well like I stated. Regarding the tracks you mentioned, here is how I see them:

        Mugen – the definition of experimenting gone wrong. Too many ideas mixed with in one song with too akward vocal lines by Nana. Okay, Mugen is not by any means “bad” song (it has grown on me a little bit) but usually, I find it boring and just occasionally, listenable. The chorus part works the best.

        Mysterion – I wonder if you have guessed it already considering my usual tastes, but I LOVE IT! ❤ Unlike Mugen, this track is experimenting gone right. When Nana uses powerful side of her voice, it usually works quite well, at least.

        Etsuraku Camellia – same applies here. Metallish sound mixed with Enka influences creates an interesting mixture. It has always been one of my favourites. But still waiting for satisfying live performance of it.

        UNCHAIN∞WORLD – it has some potential but the production makes this 'fail' for me. It might work better in live setting with real drums, for example. I usually pay close attention to the drum sound, by the way. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy electronic/dance beat once in a while (one of my favourite tracks is Still in the Groove, mind you ^^ ) but whenever I hear this song, I can't help thinking how it would sound better with real drums.

        Heart-shaped Chant – one of my many favourites. After all, it has been made during the best period of her career (meaning, naturally, the best period for me personally, 2002-2007. No 'universal truth' here 😀 ). I love how she uses her versatile voice in this!

        SCOOP SCOPE – one of the better tracks from the new album. Not anything ground-breaking but gets me in good mood always. 🙂

        Gimmick Game – a highlight from UD (which by the way is a good album but way more inconsistent than the previous albums from Magic Attraction to Great Activity). Good dance music track, no more no less.

        Toraware no Babel – I don't like it. Worst song from the new album by far. 😦

        And considering the backlash IE has gained from the western fans (I don't know about the Japanese), I also think sometimes it has went over-the-top but I can see where people are coming from with their criticism. In my opinion, IE has a couple of my all-time fave tracks, one good song, couple of decent ones and many average/boring songs. But some of these songs might, and I think will, sound better in live circumstances a la Eternal Blaze, which I never cared for too much as a studio version. So there's still a little hope left for me.

  3. cc1926 December 8, 2010 at 6:29 am

    I finally have time to finish reading it. Very nice and long article. It’s true that seiyuu and anisongs singers are doom to be underrated. Thanks to Nana, I discovered some good anisong singers like Masami Okui, Yukarin, Minorin and May’n. I used to be the one who don’t pay attention to anisongs before I became her fan about 3 years ago.

    I found out that most of my favourtie Nana songs are the same as yours. Maybe because we are post-Nanoha fans (though I already watched the anime and love it). But I have to add Hime Murasaki (my first Nana song), Heaven Knows, STORIES and Last Scene in the list and cut Discotheque (still don’t like its CD ver. but I’m ok with live ver.) and 2-3 ballads out. Nice to see Heaven in the hell, Garasu no Hana and Eien no Utahime in the list. They are very good songs but are often ignored just because they are character songs.

    Btw, though I already said it a few times, I’d like to say it again here. Happy 10th anniversary of your career, Mizuki Nana. I’ll continue supporting you as a fan.

    • kawaii-nanami December 9, 2010 at 9:20 pm

      Thanks for your comment~. Seeing how some people actually comment and / or read my posts encourages me to keep on posting ^o^.

      Back when I discovered Nana, I had no idea of how “big” the distinction between “anime songs” and “mainstream J-pop” was. Even now, that distinction doesn’t really exist for me: a good artist is a good artist, be it a mainstream one or not; a good song is always a good song, be it from an anime or not. I consider all Japanese music as Japanese music, and while some anime songs have common features, I don’t consider “anime” or “anisong” a music genre itself, but rather a term to indicate that a song was made to be featured in an anime series / movie / OVA / whatever.

      Similarly, an “anisong singer” is just a singer whose songs always / regularly have anime tie-ins, independently of the genre of music they make. I’ll use the following acts as an example: Nana, Kalafina and Sphere. The kind of music they make is VERY different (Nana: pop-rock / power pop; Kalafina: classical / orchestral; Sphere: idol pop), yet all of them are considered anisong acts. What I want to say with this is: the reason why anisong artists tend to be underrated is not the music itself (I mean, if all anime-related music was about tone-deaf seiyuu I would totally understand why some people reject it), but it’s rather a matter of prejudices and / or lack of promotion. Hopefully our dear Nana will be able to keep on giving the general public an image of how good anisongs can be.

      About the songs you mentioned, I’d initially planned to make a top 50 -and both Hime Murasaki and Last Scene were on it- but I was too lazy to write a description for so many songs, so finally decided to cut the list down to only 35. I know there are too many ballads in that list (especially considering that Nana’s specialty are upbeat songs), but I’m a sucker for those, I can’t help it ^_^’. And I like Heaven Knows, but I don’t consider it one of my favorites.

      And regarding Discotheque… well, that’s one of those songs you either love with all your heart or hate with a passion xD

  4. ranrannyan January 3, 2011 at 11:12 am

    I nearly cried when I saw Mugen got into your list.

    That is a very nice song that some of Nana-sama fans seems to hate. I have no idea though.

    To be honest, I like more of her recent works. Other than I’m new and haven’t listen to all of her old songs yet (pre 2006 except for nanoha song), I like her recent works because of the consistency, and her voice. Uh, I dunno how to explain myself @_@.

    Well, anyway, that’s that. Hope to read more Nana-asma related post from you =D

  5. Yuki88 January 5, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    It was her “Etsuraku Camelia” performance on Animelo Summer Live 2009 which got me into her (pretty late, indeed). I haven’t checked her older songs, Had only listened to Eternal Blaze for songs before Ultimate Diamond ahaha. But yeah, she’s one hell of a singer.

  6. desperatebenou July 27, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    I read the whole damn article ! 😀
    I never understood why everyone loved TRANSMIGRATION, I never really liked it. It’s the same for PRAY. And there are some songs I never listened to.
    I think my favorite songs are PHANTOM MINDS, SCARLET KNIGHT, POP MASTER, Yume no tsudzuki, Astrogation, NEXT ARCADIA, Polaris, Unchain World, Shin Ai, Don’t be long, DISCOTHEQUE, Zankou no Gaia, What cheer?, New Sensation, POWER GATE, Super Generation, ETERNAL BLAZE, Orchestral Fantasia, Etsuraku Camellia, Mysterion, Last Scene, Takaramono, Song Communication, Mr.Bunny!, Shounen, Dancing in the velvet moon, STORIES, Tenkuu no Canaria, etc etc.
    Well I won’t explain why, it could be toooo long !
    This is so incredible to see a seiyuu becoming one of the most famous singers in Japan. And now she is going to perform in Tokyo Dome.. This is awesome.

  7. eltmanypieces July 1, 2012 at 6:22 am

    Almost all the songs are from my favorite ones, but I’ll include algo Koi shiteru…, New Sensation, Brilliant Star, Power Gate, SEVEN, Nostalgia, Eternal Blaze, Super Generation, Crystal Letter, Thermidor, and some more recent songs like Junketsu Paradox and Synchrogazer

    I agree refering Mugen, all apparently hate it, but i love it. It’s just so amazing that song, but sometime i think i heard something like that in her tracklists D:

    I became a nana tard since 2 years and is my favorite singer,

    I want more music from Nana she’s just amazing