[Review] 10 randomly selected anison singles to tear open~

Somehow I found my music folder full of new stuff that I haven’t listened to, mainly because:

1, I don’t have time (UNI IS KILLING ME. SO MANY PRACTICALS FUUUU– Yeah, you get the gist).
2, I’ve had Kotobuki Minako’s Startline single on endless loop for a few days.
3, Sphere is killing me too!! When I’m not listening to Mina-chan, then I’m either listening to Sphere as a group, or to the other individual members’ stuff.

Also been listening to a lot of KOKIA for a couple of days now, but that was also brought about by my sudden love for Sphere’s Takagaki Ayahi XD (In case you didn’t know, Ayahi sang a cover of KOKIA’s “Inori” song on her Gundam 00 character song single and lists KOKIA as one of her favorite entertainers… This lady knows her stuff alright :p).

Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve loved KOKIA since way before Sphere even existed :p She was one of the very very first Japanese singers I’ve come across (along with Hamasaki Ayumi and Sakamoto Maaya). Actually, the very first Japanese CD I bought was KOKIA’s “pearl~The Best Collection~” album, but I’m not sure that counts since I actually bought it from a local shop… Yes I found it between a bunch of western CDs a couple of years ago, what are the chances o.O Apparently that album of hers was sold in both Spain and France too ^^

So yeah, putting aside my excuses for my piled up unlistened to music (sorry for the long and rather off topic intro btw XD), adding the fact that I have a 5 day holiday ahead of me and how dead the blog has been lately to this piled up music, I decided to do a quick review of whatever stuff I had downloaded.

If this turns out fine, I might try to post more stuff like this from now on. So here goes nothing…

The pleasantly surprising bunch:

Symphonic Dream – Katate SIZE: Ienaga Kana, Yuki Onna, Keikain Yura (CV: Hirano Aya, Horie Yui, Maeda Ai): Following just the way their first single did, this weird combination delivers yet another great single. I’m still rather surprised how something I was sure would be total fail is turning out to be so awesome. Totally makes up for the shitty Nurarihyon no Mago Openings ^^;

Melody – Nakajima Megumi: Surprising because I’m still a bit weary of MaMegu’s singles… I loved her debut album, but I don’t know, something still doesn’t sit well with me when it comes to her singles =/ Maybe it’s because her songs just don’t quite stay in my brain all that easily. I usually need to listen to MaMegu’s songs a few times before finally catching on >.< But luckily that wasn’t the case here (or maybe my brain’s nice and fresh at the moment because I know I’m reviewing something). I can sum up the single (and a lot of Megumi’s songs at that) easily with “sweet” but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s really nice stuff to listen to on a tranquil Friday afternoon. Washes away the week’s tiredness and all that ^^

The disappointing bunch:

Honnou no Doubt – Faylan: Not even a month after her Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Opening single, Last vision for last, Faylan delivers yet another single! It’s not exactly bad, but the whole thing just sounds so… Normal =/ I don’t watch Milky Holmes, but I do see how the title track might suit a wannabe detectives show, though that hardly means anything to me. c/w track is a ballad, and personally I’ve never been fond of Faylan’s ballads (come on, those badass songs suit her so much better), so no luck there either. I know Faylan can do much better than this, and I say this precisely because I loved Last vision for last so very much. Faylan’s singles seem to be really on and off with me… Hopefully better luck next time?

Magic world – Kurosaki Maon: AKA the cutie who sang all the Highschool of the Dead endings. The HOTD album had my (and I’m sure many others’) hopes up pretty high, but way to go Geneon for crushing them so blatantly. Really, to start off, the song doesn’t even sound like an ending. I’m used to having nice or cool songs in my Index anime, but neither the opening or the ending this season are up to par… Or maybe I just really want IKU back D= Oh yeah, c/w, ANSWER, is kinda nicer though~

The “I don’t know why I like this but I just do” bunch:

Metamerism – Ito Kanae: Actually, I do know why I like this… Because it’s Kanae-chan, heh. Cuteness banzai \o/ Ahm, c/w, Kimi ga Ireba, is like Startline in (a bad) disguise by the way ._.; Apparently it’s the same person composing and arranging both songs… Some 渡辺拓也 (Watanabe Takuya?) dude… Startline wasn’t exactly the most original song I’d heard, but this is just ridiculous D= I’m actually extremely pissed about this discovery, but I’ve already vent some of my anger on Twitter and such, so let’s just move along and ignore the c/w…

Ranbu no Melody – SID: I’ve always been a sucker for SID okay, ever since hearing their Kuroshitsuji Opening, Monochrome no Kiss, and even though I’ll admit they haven’t really released anything on par since, I’ve pretty much enjoyed most of their singles so far. I should point out that I practically loath Visual Kei usually, but SID is the exception in everything apparently =D

The directly to the trash can bunch:

echoes – universe: No don’t “listen to it” is pretty much all I can say. I dunno why I bothered with this when I do watch Bleach (yeah so sue me hah) and I’ve already heard enough of the title song to know that it sucks. c/w, OVER THERE, is a bit more fun, but still nothing worth mentioning. Can I haz my Stereopony and/or SunSet Swish back for Bleach plz?

Egao no Mahou – MAGIC PARTY: Unoriginal, boring, *yawn* Can I haz FUNKIST back for FAIRY TAIL openings plz? Oh, but c/w, Puzzle, is kinda decent though ^^ Wait, this is like what I just said above >_>;

…And don’t forget to leave the best for last:

HOLY SHINE – DaisyxDaisy: AKA Mizuki Nana’s little sister, Kondou Mika :p Up until now, the only thing I’ve heard of DaisyxDaisy had been her Koukaku no Regios Opening, and can’t say I exactly enjoyed that. Then we heard that she was finally going to make her debut with a major record label, Pony Canyon, and cue all the Nanatards going crazy over this. Oi people, they’re trying to hide the relationship between the two for a reason ^^; But putting that aside, when I heard Holy Shine during Fairy Tail, I didn’t particularly like it either… Until I heard her singing live on UStream. Man was I blown away then. Okay so her MC was a bit weird, but aside from that Mika is pretty awesome on stage, her singing included. Must be a family thing *nods* I now like Holy Shine a lot more, but the real awesomeness is in the c/w, BELIEVE (WHY ALL CAPS BTW?!). It actually reminds me a bit of some of Okui Masami’s stuff lol I hope Mika gets more feisty stuff like this from now on =3

Shizuku – Nanri Yuuka: I first heard part of this from her performance at Anisama in summer, but that was totally butchered by longass CMs and that whole thing. Despite that, I loved the song immediately, butchered and all XD Rather glad considering I didn’t really like her Ookami Kakushi Ending =x Of course picturing her singing with that sexy kimono also helps here, hah.

Somehow I ended up with 2 singles in each category. Just as planned… Not XD Well, that was a nice and long post alright… Sure to make up for the lack of proper posts lately *runs* Uhh, so, remember that this is just my own personal (and very biased :p) opinion. If something you like ends up in my trash can… Well, live with it *shrug*

Here’s to hoping I can manage to pull something like this again soon o/


4 responses to “[Review] 10 randomly selected anison singles to tear open~

  1. rc1277 December 4, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    Ranbu no Melody is the only item from the list I’ve listened to 😦 It’s not bad, buuut it’s not something I would listen very often. Love the band, though.
    I’ll have to give a the others bands a listen, my lack of knowledge in the j-pop/rock world is astounding.

    • ReHikari December 5, 2010 at 11:10 am

      I hope you’ll find something you like from this list then ^^ (That’s kind of the point of the post, to let others know about new releases so they could give them a listen after all XD)

  2. kawaii-nanami December 5, 2010 at 2:06 am

    From that list, I’ve only listened to Daisy x Daisy’s and Maon Kurosaki’s singles, and I’m yet to listen to Faylan’s and Yuuka’s. My opinion on HOLY SHINE is very similar to yours (the a-side is OK, but the b-side is awesome!). However, unlike you, I really enjoyed Magic∞world (and its b-side). The songs may be a little generic, but they sound really good to me.

    Also, I had no idea Megumi Nakajima had released a new single. I might give it a listen even though I didn’t really care about her album. Not that I listened to it more than once though… I really loved her song Jellyfish no Kokuhaku so I think I should give her a second chance someday 😀

    I really like reading this kind of reviews, good job! ^o^