[Preview] Kotobuki Minako 2nd Single "Startline" Love at first listen?


Not bothering with youtube upload this time around because I’ll just get my account banned like that, and I’m too lazy to create one just for uploads, so from now on I’ll be embedding this kind of thing directly over here.

Or so I say, but to be honest I wasn’t planning on ripping any more songs and uploading them (Shiny+ was going to be the exception for being Minachan’s debut single and all that), but this song seriously caught me by surprise. I LOVE it. As simple as that. Cheerful, fast-paced, acoustic pop-rock that flows nicely? Why do I feel so cozy? =3

It’s a bit early to be saying anything certain yet, but it looks like Minako might have made herself a place in my heart as an artist as well now ^^

EDIT: Forgot to mention. This song will be the theme song to OVA anime “Koisento” which will be released on 27/11. Startline single will be released on 24/11~


One response to “[Preview] Kotobuki Minako 2nd Single "Startline" Love at first listen?

  1. lakitic October 21, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    Wooh! I didn’t prepare myself for this. I really love the path she chose for her music career, it really suits her. I think Startline is a nice improvement from Shiny+, I found it more well done instrumentally and it seems she’s more in controle of the genre. The preview let me good impressions…Mina-chan is so charming =3.