Ookami-san 08 – Service cut banzai!!

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who went “wtf?! oh wait, yay” at this scene XD So random, so out of the blue, so awesome lol

It’s kinda sad that the highlight of an episode turns out to be something totally random and messed up that they probably just decided to put in for fanservice’s sake (as Kuroko’s narration admitted). I mean, the episode itself was rather dull, although admittedly that butler was pretty awesome. As a girl myself though… I’d like to slap him a couple of times for one of the… “flaws” he mentioned, but let’s not talk about that ^^;

Was also rather surprised to find Kotobuki Minako (mai waifu, for those unaware) being casted as some rich shota in this episode. We all know she can’t do loli voices… But really, shota doesn’t seem very appropriate for her either =/ Rich ojousama (well they got the rich part here at least) or mature roles for her plz =x Although putting aside the type of role… WTH why’d she get a one-time role in a series like this ;_; Unless we’ll be seeing more of this rat boy (ugh everything about this kid screams fail. Added to Mina’s list of “characters I wish she’d never voiced”), but I’m not sure I want that either…


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