Katanagatari 08 – I kinda don't mind Togame's haircut now…

Tomacchan vs. Yukarin, tall vs. short, fresh meat vs. old meat *hides*

Okay, onto business now. I gotta admit that this “greeting” between Togame and Hitei-hime left me quite amused, and kinda surprised too. Actually, scratch that, my face kinda matched Shichika’s throughout the whole thing and that is in good part thanks to the seiyuu behind it XD I don’t know why having this image of Tomacchan and Yukarin bickering just amuses the hell out of me o.O;

Poor Shichika getting bitten down by Togame again this episode. But really, what kind of house is that Togame >_>; The more interesting part of the house thing though is how EMPTY it is on the inside. Shichika made it sound like that had been for the sake of her travels, but I really don’t get why she has to remove (sell?) everything in her house before going on the sword hunt… Then again, why am I even bothering trying to figure out Togame’s mindset *shakes head*

Putting that aside, there’s one thing that really caught my attention this episode… Throughout the whole battle with the doll-sword, Shichika kept implying that he was no longer JUST a sword, but was now rather a sword with a human soul. I took notice of that since way before the battle started, mostly thanks to scenes like this:

Seriously? Shichika grinning like that while tickling Togame? My memory isn’t exactly the best around, but that definitely wasn’t something very Shichika-like. This basically just means that I’m glad that the battle with Nanami didn’t just result in a haircut for Togame, but rather made a huge impact on Shichika psychologically as well. I’d be rather disappointed if it had been any other way to be honest.

Taking all that into consideration, it feels like the change in the opening couldn’t have come at a better time. I think this is the point in time where the series starts changing slightly, with characters developing properly at last and whatnot. A shame that the opening song itself is rather sucky, but I’ve lost all hope in Ali Project recently anyway. The days where they’ll be coming up with awesome stuff like their works for Noir or Rozen Maiden are over apparently. Not that the previous opening was any good, but I at least liked it better than this new one I think. The opening sequence itself however is rather nice, with a clearly darker theme that makes me look forward to the episodes to come~

P.S. Hitei-hime FTW XD Tomatsu Haruka is awesome at those “i’m so awesome bow down to my greatness” roles *nods* I actually couldn’t help but wonder how the whole thing would’ve sounded like if Minachan were the one voicing Togame 😮 Since I was just talking yesterday about how she needs more rich ojousama roles and Togame kinda fits there (especially ’cause of her manner of speech) I think… But oh well, young vs. old works fine too *runs*


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