Ookami-san 07 – Deredere Ryoko > Tsuntsun Ryoko 'su


Err… Not ’cause of the wet part… Jus’ da cute n’ deredere part… I swears ;A;

*cough* So, uhh, yeah, highlight of the episode is obviously Ryoko and her amnesia. Argh, makes me want more scenes of when she was 13 >.< Maybe we’ll get a proper episode dedicated to that eventually? ‘Cause honestly I wasn’t satisfied at all with the way the whole incident in the past was explained… It felt way too sudden and rushed, even a bit confusing, and is missing those nice details and screenshots that this kind of explanation usually comes with. Here’s to hoping we do get a full episode based on more scenes of Ryoko’s past and that incident in particular *crosses fingers*

Also… Damn, Ryoshi sure can be cool when he gets into it o.O He’s probably one of the most amusing male characters of the season (can’t beat Kuroshitsuji II’s Alois there though :p) precisely because of how his personality can change so radically and so suddenly… What? I’m a fan of the Kotobuki Hole; I like random outbursts of OOC-ness 8D


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