Shiki 06 – Higurashi-style vampires = this might actually get good?

Back after episode 3, I was just about ready to drop this series because they killed off the only seemingly interesting character from the very beginning, but after reading reviews of episode 4 onwards, I thought I’d give it chance since Shimizu makes an awesome comeback. Creepy Tomatsu voice is ❤

So anyway, episode 6 has quite a bit of story development, but most important to note is the fact that the main characters are all starting to notice a vampire/undead sort of deal going on with all the deaths. I don’t care what name they give it to make it prettier, vampires are vampires and I’m all in for that =D

As for the characters themselves… I still hate that brat that’s supposedly the main character… The sister/bro combo is still rather unexplored so no comment there. The priest is a depressed emo and I hate that, and finally the doctor is… Entertaining to watch? Since he seems to be the one most set on stopping the whole thing. Plus he’s also the most realistic character in there I believe…

I actually find myself looking forward to the next episode for the first time, mostly ’cause I’m curious on what take on the whole vampire deal we’ll be getting (i.e. will they make them the kind that gets affected by crosses and lulz garlic? I honestly doubt it, but it’d be amusing in a series like this that’s trying to seem so dark XD)~

P.S. My favorite part of the episode this time around has to be this:

Bastard dies and all he gets is a mosquito in his mouth = finally someone who gets their just desert!


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