You know there's something wrong with an anime season music-wise when…

This picture just screams "MINAKO" lol (not really related but...)

…The best opening & ending of the season are both songs by seiyuu groups orz I was actually gonna say by seiyuu-singers but then I figured that wouldn’t be fair for the likes of Mizuki Nana or Chihara Minori (not to mention that even noob seiyuu-singers can release something surprisingly nice sometimes, like Tomatsu Haruka’s “Motto Hadeni ne” back when).

So let’s see, what songs am I talking about?

Summer 2010 season best Opening: Now Loading…SKY!! by Sphere (Asobi ni Ikuyo!)

Summer 2010 season best Ending: NO, Thank You! by Houkago Tea Time (K-ON!!)

Admittedly I haven’t heard all the songs from this season’s anime yet (’cause I’m not watching everything duh XD) and usually full versions of songs can do a lot to change one’s opinion of them, not to mention the anime itself (eg. I like the Mitsudomoe Opening… Why? Because it’s Mitsudomoe. I doubt I’d have liked it all that much if I’d come across it somewhere else =x). Let’s not forget that there are songs that one might get bored of easily despite liking them a lot at first, and others that just eventually grow on you even though you didn’t like them all that much at first, etc etc.

But putting aside all the details and whatnot, this is simply my first impression after having watched at least the first episode of all the anime I was planning on checking out this season. Funny enough, the first episode of Asobi ni Ikuyo! didn’t feature the opening in it, but I had already heard the full song ages ago from a radio program (All Night Nippon) that featured Sphere. I’m not much of a fan of Sphere’s music (*hides her 500+ Sphere scrobbles on*), so NowSka doesn’t get any advantage over any of the other songs I think. It was just a strange coincidence that I honestly happened to like the song.

And that leads us to this. My first impression of the season’s songs is that I like the ones sung by seiyuu groups O.O Yes, I’m a sucker for seiyuu and most of all, seiyuu-idols, but really, I’m not deaf (I think o.O). I like few seiyuu-idols for their actual music (read: 2 orz Hopefully 3 with Kotobuki Minako’s debut XD) and despite loving Sphere, I think I can only say I like one song of theirs as a song (Rakugaki Dictionary. I love Super Noisy Nova too, but that’s just ’cause it’s crazy fun, not ’cause it’s good XD). Something similar applies to K-ON! in the sense that, I love the anime, but I’ve never liked any of the songs (no, not even the all popular Don’t Say Lazy! >_>). Then they went and released that Pure Pure Heart single that had both an awesome title song and c/w track (if you could really call it that lol) and now this kick-ass new Ending (I hate the Opening by the way =x).

So what went wrong here? Or is it that things are finally going right? Whatever the case, this is in no way a final verdict since, as I said, opinions can change with time and as full versions start getting released. At the moment, I also have my eyes (or should that be ears?) on the Seitokai Yakuindomo Ending by angela, so only time will tell whether, by the end of the season, these two will still retain the spots they currently have~


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