Angel Beats! – Looks like the music got beaten to a pulp…

‘Cause I swear I haven’t liked anything the series has released since the Crow Song single… >_>; First off, you might want to read my thoughts on that. While I didn’t think Crow Song was the best thing artistically-speaking, I liked the whole amateur feel it had to it, and was generally rather satisfied with how the thing sounded as a whole…

So where did Thousand Enemies go wrong? First off, the only good thing about the title song on that single is the lead guitar. Although even that is pretty simple, but cool doesn’t always have to mean complicated (and if you don’t believe me, then go listen to Three Days Grace :p). Highest Life is 100% forgettable (actually, I remember WTF-ing at the weird drums arrangement, that’s it :p) and Rain Song sounded like an honestly BAD Avril Lavigne song ^^; (Oh, lol, even though I hardly ever mention western artists, I managed to mention two in one paragraph XD)

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not writing a hate post or anything (although some might probably think it sounds like one =x), but I just had to state my disappointment after getting my hopes up when I listened to Crow Song. But of course, the point of this post isn’t how bad Thousand Enemies was (’cause if it were, I would’ve written this post quite some time ago :p). The issue I’m having here is the recently released (actually I believe it’s supposed to go on sale tomorrow, but early leaks and all that you know :p) OP/ED single by Lia and Tada Aoi.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Lia’s songs (regardless of who writes them for her), and My Soul, Your Beats! is no exception. I mean, really, if you want to put some nice piano in the song, why add the electro beat to it? The whole arrangement of the song sounds wrong. The melody is no better either. Admitedly, it’s still a listenable song, but why all the fuss over it? >_>; But then of course, let’s not forget the anime that managed to rank it’s Opening and Ending singles 1st and 2nd respectively just recently :p I’ve mentioned before that I actually prefered the Angel Beats! music over K-ON!’s music, well, I take that back now. I would have put them on the same (low) level if the most recent K-ON! episode didn’t feature such an awesome new song~ Can’t wait to hear the rock version of Pure Pure Heart (^o^)/ Although, where’s my Mugichan (more like Minachan :p) song T_T

Okay, that was getting a bit off topic. Back to the Angel Beats! OP/ED single… Actually, speaking of rock versions, I presonally liked LiSa’s (Yui’s) version of the Angel Beats! opening a lot more than the normal version… Why? Because it sounded right :p The instruments sounded right :p They fit together properly. And LiSa’s voice suited that kind of music. Ah, I suppose if there’s one thing I’m still looking forward to from Angel Beats!, it’s probably that album they’ll be releasing with said version of the opening~

Oh yeah, there’s also a 3rd Girls Dead Monster single coming up not too long from now. Little Braver (watch the PV here). The fact that I hardly remember the song even though I’ve watched the video so many times already (what? LiSa’s cute =3) is not a very good sign ^^;

The one thing I’m still willing to give to Angel Beats! is the ending. It’s an okay song with nice lyrics. Unfortunately it’s a bit too slow for my tastes, but objectively speaking, it’s not a bad song at all, and certainly the best thing I’ve heard from Angel Beats! after the Crow Song single got released =/

Dull rambling is dull, but I just had to let it out of my system. People, just because an anime is good and said anime centers around music a lot doesn’t have to mean it’s music is good too >.< *sigh* I miss NANA… (Although even that had a lot of ups and downs music-wise lol)


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