Working!! OP/ED Single… Can't believe I'm saying this…

Wish I could work there too...

…But I actually like the ending with the male seiyuu singing better than the opening o.O?!?! OMG It’s the end of the world!!!!

Anime: WORKING!!


2, Heart no Edge ni Idomou
3, SOMEONE ELSE (Off Vocal Version)
4, Heart no Edge ni Idomou (Off Vocal Version)

Okay, seriously speaking now, I can’t think of the last time I actually liked a male seiyuu song… Especially not over a female seiyuu one. Sure, the fact that I prefer female vocals much more is part of it, but it’s just that I generally get a very… “gay” feeling from male seiyuu songs lol Well, either that, or it’s just too lolz to even consider liking (like that Ono Daisuke + Kamiya Hiroshi single that they released some time ago with all the meowing lol).

Actually, this case isn’t all that different (in the “gay” feeling sense in particular), but I don’t know if it’s because I love Fukuyama Jun to bits (Lulu fangirl mode ON XD) or because I got used to the OnoD+Kamiya lolness already. Oh yeah, the fact that the Opening has Asumi Kana in it might also have something to do with it… I still can’t forgive her for ruining that nice song that was on the Umi Monogatari Drama CD thing with her totally crappy singing >.<

Whatever the case, they’re both fun songs that I don’t mind listening to during the anime itself, but of course, they both fall under the lolz seiyuu songs, so…

Will I buy this?: lol, no. I’ve never bought any “group” seiyuu singles, and I doubt I ever will XD

Will I ever listen to this again?: Well… I’m tempted to actually keep the single folder in my library… So if one of the songs happens to play randomly at some point, I might actually leave it playing… Or I might skip it, who knows XD

Bottom Line: Hey, I don’t have so cringe whenever the songs play during the anime. And I can actually get all hyped up if I’m in one of my normal moods with them XD

P.S. Instrumental-wise, I actually like the one for the opening better, which is even more lolz =3


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