Girls Dead Monster – Crow Song… I actually like this kind of amateur songs

Grrr D=<

I generally don’t touch much on the insert song subject, but seeing as the whole Girl DeMo is a somewhat essential part of Angel Beats! and that this single is getting at least a decent amount of hype (hey, it’s currently ranked 3rd on the Oricon Daily Charts o.O), I figured I’d post something about it… That, and ’cause I liked it =3

Anime: Angel Beats!

Title: Crow Song

1, Crow Song
2, Alchemy
3, My Song

For those unaware by the way, Iwasawa’s seiyuu is Sawashiro Miyuki, but she’s not the one actually singing the songs (which should be pretty obvious if you’ve listened to the songs XD). Instead, we get some singer called marina. I tried looking up stuff about her, but I couldn’t find anything (I HATE when singers get such common stage names >_>;). Best match I came up with was MARINA, but I have no proof that they’re the same person because… Well, try looking up “marina” or “MARINA” and you’ll understand :p

Moving on. The feeling I got from the songs was something along the lines of “I have the voice and talent, but I’m not sure how to use them ’cause I’m a noob” and if you’ve watched Angel Beats! you’ll know that this is a good depiction of the state Iwasawa was in. So thats a thumbs up for marina-san there ^^ Other than that, the whole thing has this “amateur band with possibilities” feeling to it, and I love that. Not only because that’s exactly what the band in the anime is, but also ’cause I’m generally a sucker for starter artists with possibilities.

The songs themselves leave a bit to wish for though. Not to mention that marina’s singing could hold some improvements (seriously, sometimes it’s actually slightly annoying even), but hey, that’s what it’s all about. What else do you expect from a school band (if you could even call them that XD)? At least I like this better than the music in K-ON! :p

Oh, My Song is totally awesome though. Acoustic guitar + strong heart-felt vocals =WIN (even if the vocals can be slightly rough XD). Reminds me a bit of Angela Aki’s recently released “Kagayaku Hito” (yes yes, I’m talking about something non-anison, woohoo :p) and I TOTALLY LOVE THAT SONG TO BITS, HAHA.

Will I ever listen to this again?: YOU BET o.O It’s definitely going on my most-listened singles for the next month or so XD

Will I buy this?: Ah, that’s a tough one, but the most likely answer is no. It’s not like its a REAL noob band (what kind of noob band ranks 3rd on Oricon XD?) so yeah =/

Bottom Line: Just listen to the thing. And watch the Angel Beats! anime if you aren’t. It’s pretty nice~


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