The first of this weeks long list of releases: Renka Tairan (Okui Masami)

Bunch of 2D bishoujo > Makkun on the cover apparently lol

Wow, this week is packed with anison single releases o.O I was even tempted to let them pile up and do a quick review of each separately, but I figured that’d turn out too long and would be too much of a bother both for me and for whoever wants to read this stuff XD So expect this type of review in general for upcoming singles, unless there are too many things released at the same time and I’m short on time, but seeing as I’ve been strumming away on my guitar for the past hour or so, that obviously means that I have TOO much free time on me right now :p

Moving on, Makkun’s new single:

Title: “Renka Tairan” (恋華大乱)
Songs: 1, “Renka Tairan” (恋華大乱). 2, “Kagen no Tsuki” (下弦の月). 3, “Renka Tairan” (恋華大乱) [off vocal ver.]. 4, “Kagen no Tsuki” (下弦の月) [off vocal ver.]
Anime: Shin Koihime Musou ~Otome Tairan~ (真・恋姫†無双~乙女大乱~) Opening Theme

Before anyone starts wondering, I’ve actually been sticking to Koihime Musou from the very start. Yes, I’m crazy like that. Not that the anime is bad really, but seriously, 3 seasons is way overkill @.@ Music-wise, I’ve never cared enough about the songs either. Well, the ending of the second season was fun, ’cause it was pure lulz. I don’t remember the ending of the first season, but that be used as an indication to say that it was just bleh. Second opening was rather dull too. First opening was by… fripSide!! Yes, THE fripSide group. The one gaining all the popularily lately thanks to the awesome Railgun openings =3 Back then with Koihime Musou, the singer was still Nao, and I don’t know whether it was her doing or what, but Flower of Bravery was seriously boring. It wasn’t bad per se, but it just didn’t have that spark that fripSide’s current songs have.

I realize I’m getting somewhat off topic here XD *cough* So, how’s the third opening faring? Bluntly speaking, it was by FAR the best so far. Not just as opening, but just basically the best song that has come across the Koihime Musou anime to date (me is totally clueless about the game songs by the way, so don’t ask :p). Of course, it’s also true that Makkun is between my top singers, but it’s not like I’m all that biased about her music. For example, my thoughts on Renka Tairan went as follows:

First listen: “Bleh, generic”
Second listen: “Oh, it’s still badass enough nonetheless”
Third listen: “Yum, me likes”
Fourth listen: “Okay, this is going in my library this instant”

By the way, about the badass thing, I’m mostly fond of Makkun’s more badass/rocker songs. Not because her slower ones are lacking or anything, but they just don’t fit with the image of her that got created inside my head :p Not to mention that her voice just sounds like it’s there for those tough songs >=D

Anyways, with that in mind, my recommendation is to definitely listen to this single. Renka Tairan is awesome. Kagen no Tsuki (下弦の月) on the other hand (that would be the c/w song on the single btw), goes under the “slower” category, so I’m not all that interested in it (sorry, hyper person here XD). Still, it’s not a bad song, if that’s your cup of tea.

Bottom line: Listen to the darn thing!!
Final evaluation: It’s good =3
Will I buy it?: Nope, not that great. I’d rather wait for the title song to get released in an album, and buy the album instead~


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