Koihime Musou 3rd ending… Yet another one that I'll probably never think of again XP

It's kinda late for valentine's no??

Since I posted about the opening not too long ago, I figured my best pick for the next review would be the ending ^^

Anime: Shin Koihime Musou ~Otome Tairan~ (真・恋姫†無双~乙女大乱~)

Title: “Yuuki Rinrin” (ゆうきりんりん)

1, Yuki Rinrin
2, Otome no Inori
3, Yuuki Rinrin [off vocal ver.]
4, Otome no Inori [off vocal ver.]

Before I get anywhere, let me mention that I’ve never liked any seiyuu songs all that much, but I don’t usually have any problems with them either if the song is fun enough and singing doesn’t make my ears bleed. I say that for the simple fact that this single is indeed sung by 3 seiyuus from the anime. Kurokawa Nami, Maeda Yukie & Yoneshima Nozomi to be exact, who would be the seiyuu for Kan’u (Aisha), Sou Sou & Sonsaku respectively. Of course the seiyuu have other roles in the anime as well (if you check the cast for Koihime Musou, you’ll notice that most of the actors have at least 2-3 roles in it. Happens when you have such a huge number of characters I suppose :p), but I just mentioned the ones on the cover of the single ’cause, well, they’re kinda supposed to be singing as these characters, so let’s just leave it at that :p

Going back on topic. The title song itself is just… lulz. I can’t really think of a better term to describe it XD It doesn’t even try to sound like a normal song or anything (not when they keep going “hau hau hau” in it… yeah :p). But hey, it rhymes. You can’t really say that the singing sucks either ’cause they just keep repeating the same thing. Honestly speaking, I think I like this a lot more that many “normal” songs out there o.O It’s definitely a lot nicer than most seiyuu songs too, ’cause as I said, it doesn’t try to sound normal (and fail miserably) like most tend to.

Bottom line: I definitely approve of this song!!! But it’s still not considered “art” or anything, and just as the title of this post says, I’ll probably just forget the second Shin Koihime Musou 2 is over :p Which means…
Will I buy this?: NO. Big fat ol’ NO :p I try spending my money on something that actually has some sort of value (usually artistic value), so yah =x

As for the c/w (Otome no Inori)… It falls under the “seiyuu song that tries to sound normal and fails miserably” tag, so I’m trashing that. Yay!


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