Faylan first live~! I only have one wish for this… Or maybe two?

Anyone else agree that she looks much better without make-up?

Or three even o.O; *cough* but first of all, let’s start with the necessary information XD

ライブタイトル:飛蘭 -THE LIVE 01-
会場:Shibuya O-West
時間:未 定

Unoriginal name is unoriginal >_>; “THE LIVE 01″… I sure hope they don’t plan on calling all her lives from now on like that (while increasing the numbers of course) ^^;

Shibuya O-West hall can hold up to 600 people apparently, which I think is more than good enough for a first live of an artist that hasn’t even released an album yet XD Which reminds me, Faylan’s first album release date is set! Well, not completely. It’ll be released in September. No exact date yet. Nothing confirmed title-wise either. By the way, I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I’m generally against the idea of an artist holding a concert without even having an album out even… Seriously, I can count Faylan’s songs on my fingers o.O (not including her collab ones with yozuca* and Okui Masami+Shimoda Asami). So how long is the live going to be… An hour long? Maybe an hour and a half including MCs and the like.

Oh well, we’ll see how she fares there once the thing gets released on DVD. Yup, you read right, it IS getting recorded and released ^^ It’ll be bundled with the Limited Edition of the album =3 I think this is one limited edition album going on my shopping list now~ ^^ I never bought any of Faylan’s singles (well, they’re not all that great really), but the idea of an album + first live DVD seems appealing enough. Not to mention that Faylan does seem to have what it takes to give a good live performance, judging from her appearance at last year’s Anisama. Seriously, if she fared that well in front of 20,000+ people, I don’t think she’ll have any problems with ~600.

Moving on… My wishes. While it’s true that with less than 10 songs in her discography, the live will probably feel pretty short, but here’s what they can do to make things stand out… BRING IN yozuca* for a “Reincarnation” duet! AND bring in Makkun + Asapon and sing that song that they’ll be releasing together. I’m not sure if the title of the song got decided yet, ’cause I haven’t been reading Makkun’s blog lately, but yeah, I read some time ago that she’ll be recording a song with Faylan and Asapon =D Really looking forward to that (>.<)/ But seeing as Faylan’s live is in just over 2 months’ time, and there’s still no talk about the song getting released, I really don’t know about this one. It really would be nice if that happened though =3

And that’s about it. I predict it’ll be a 1.5 hours long live with lotsa wannabe-rock and Engrish =D Wish they just made it 2010/7/28 instead of in June… Just change the 6 into a 7 T_T Oh well, doesn’t matter. I’ve gotten used to not being able to attend any of the events I’d like to go to hahahahahahahaha *breaks*

Don’t think I’ll be commenting any more on this event until I watch it on DVD, so have fun if you’re going (why do I get the feeling no one reading this will be? Oh yes, because my readers don’t live in Japan :p) and let’s all wish Faylan a successful first live + album \(^o^)/


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