Mizuki Nana 8th Album + 2 Day Seibu Dome Live CONFIRMED!!!!!


Saw the rumor a couple hours ago (mobile twitter FTW XD), but I couldn’t actually look up any sites for confirmation until I got home XD And boy, first thing I open is Nana Party and BAM it’s right there, confirmed at last XD

Release date for the album is indeed July 7th (7/7 of course). Nothing else is written on the site, but that’s expected XD As for the Seibu Dome live, the dates will be July 24th + 25th (which will be a Saturday and Sunday respectively… because Sunday can’t come a day before Saturday XD Okay sorry, I’m obviously not thinking straight atm XD).

Nyaaaaaaaaa~ I was tempted to go to Anisama this summer, but I suppose this will be way better XD And now excuse me while I go to plan my summer 4 months prior~ :p

EDIT: In my hype, I forgot to mention that this means that the rumor about a 23rd single obviously turned out false. Well, I’m definitely not gonna say “such a pity” or anything XD I’d rather get an album :p ALTHOUGH the birthday thing was kinda nice XD Oh well~


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