Kojima Hideo + Mizuki Nana double rape Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker =D

And we’re nothing short of happy about it ^^

Okay seriously, I know I tweeted about this, but after watching the video this many times and still laughing my ass off every single time, I figured it deserved getting a proper post too!!

So basically, the dull part is that Nana-chan is voicing some chick called Paz in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid game for the PSP. Okay, nothing new there. Anyone remember the rumors about Kojima being a Seiyuu ota? Well, I don’t think anyone can deny that anymore XD At first, only a character song was announced, and hey, it got streamed on the radio and it was all nice and dandy. But then THIS got streamed on Youtube. It’s like Kojima Hideo x Mizuki Nana x IDOLM@STER x Hatsune Miku XP Just watch all these loser fanboys rage at yet another Kojima troll, but who cares, I just find the whole thing awesome XD Damn, I might even play the game and all now lol Or even buy it if it gets released in Europe with the original voices (highly unlikely there though seeing as its for the PSP >.<)

Anyway, I’ll leave you with that. Watch, laugh, enjoy, and remember to bow down to the master troller XD


2 responses to “Kojima Hideo + Mizuki Nana double rape Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker =D

  1. MagicNumber March 23, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    It’s amazing! XD

    Kojima Hideo x Mizuki Nana FTW!!!

  2. Raymond April 18, 2010 at 11:23 am

    The characters reminds me of Thunderbirds are go lol.