Madobe Nanami (Mizuki Nana)'s Debut Single Streamed~ Would you pay 22,800 Yen for it o.O??

Ahhh, here we go, the object of many orz’s these days. If you’re still not sure what this about, here’s the short end of it. The geniuses at Japan’s Win7 decided that having Mizuki Nana voice a mascot character with 7,777 copies wasn’t enough, so they figured, “hey, its MIZUKI NANA. MAKE HER SING!!!” And so we now have another set of Windows Nana, but instead of getting the sound system, we get… A song orz The song is the one embedded at the top of the post by the way.

Originally my intention was to tweet about it, but twitter’s having issues or something, so I figured I’d write up a post *shrug* But back on topic. This time the intention is to release 77,777 copies (which I’m sure will be sold out almost as quick too, hah) but they’re mistaken if they think they’ll fool this jobless person here XD No way I’m buying the whole thing. I’ll just get my hands on the CD and that’s that :p On the bright side though… Hey, the song is cute T_T But Nana has so many other just-as-cute songs too ^^; Oh well, better than finding myself buying total crap =x Oh, and the “ja, matta ne” at the end is WIN XD Oh, I’m just trying to make myself feel better here, yeah orz

“Manual ni nai no ga, ii yo ne?”~ Ii desu yo, Nana-chan T_T I’ll teach you everything XD


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