[Review] Takamachi Nanoha (Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) by Alter… And the 3 Aces are finally together (^o^)/

Grandness and Beauty. That's Nanoha alright XD

I’m still having issues believing that this’ll be the last of the StrikerS series that Alter is releasing that I’m getting O.O For those following my figure reviews, I’ve mentioned before that I won’t be getting the Wolkies (not because I don’t want to of course, but it’s just too much $$ @.@) so the Shamal+Zafira figure that’ll be getting released later on won’t manage to make it to my doorstep >.<

But putting that aside, let’s move onto the actual review~


Side 1~ Raising Heart looking like a plane XD

Side 2~ Or a bird? Or Superman at that o.O (lame)

Back~ Pretty legs are pretty ^^ (look a bit like Yukarin's? =x)

Let’s see. After coming across the awesomeness that was Feito-chan, this figure had one hell of a high standard to reach. Well, it managed to reach it alright, but it didn’t manage to surpass it =x But that’s not bad per se (as I said, the standard was set pretty high up). Actually, now that I think of it, I can’t really compare the two figures… Fate was badass. Nanoha is… pretty? o.O Not to mention that the two wear extremely opposing clothes. Who was the genius who decided to make Nanoha wear more for her final transformation and made Fate wear less? Not that it doesn’t make sense (to some degree). It’s speed vs. power and all the SF stuff.

Anyway, Nanoha has to be the most detailed out of the series of figures Alter has released so far. There’s the wings by the ankles, the long skirt, the hair on the back of the head (definitely looks better than Fate there) and last but by all means not least, Raising Heart herself. Bardiche was big and cool. Raising Heart is… awesome? XD Okay, I should stop doing comparisons and concentrate on the figure for what it is *nods*

Feito's fringe > Nanoha's fringe lol

See what I mean? Criss cross hair FTW :p

Creases creases. These look nice, but are a total pain when dealing with dust @.@

Just realized that Nanoha is the only one who's not scantily clad lol

But that doesn't impede us from a little sneak peak~ ^^

I’m not sure whether to think of the dress as way too simple, or way too complex lol I mean, it’s big, so that in itself is rather impressive, but its… dull? Well, regardless of that, Alter did manage to give it a lot of dynamism with all the creases and stuff, and while I did say that’ll be a pain when dealing with dust, I know it’s not gonna be nowhere near as annoying as Hayate’s cape(?) is. ‘Cause at least this doesn’t have those wings stuck to it XD Which leads me to the next part… Nanoha makes me feel like flying!!

Each foot gets a set of 3 wings~

The transparent footholders also help with the floating feel =3

I think it's safe to say that these are better than Hayate's white ones *nods*

RH's wings also add to the "lets go soaring into the sky" effect XD

This so reminds me of Gundam XD Well, Gundams also fly, so hah :p

Pink&Gold... Yukari-hime!! not lol

Don't remember what the point of this shot was orz

Oh yeah, that thing on the bottom part of Raising Heart can actually be turned around… But I don’t see what the point of that is, since it looks the same in all positions lol But it’s a cool touch I suppose XD Gives it more… Realism? Not sure… Moving on~

That thing on her hand/wrist/arm is way too big, don't you agree? ^^;

Same as above. Oh, and I love the hands btw. Yes, me and my hand fetish :p

I thought Nanoha was supposed to be A-cup ^^;

That black thing looks like real metal ^^ Cool metal-like painting is cool~

I just noticed that I haven’t said a single complaint yet… (Other than possibly about the plainness of the design, but that has nothing to do with the figure quality, that’s just the original character design) Honestly, even if I stop to think about anything I might have to complain about… I come up with nothing O.O That’s pretty impressive… I mean, Feito was awesome, but there was still a lot of room for improvement on details and stuff. Nanoha is… Okay, I’m not gonna say perfect, but as close to that as can get really XP The pose is awesome, the details are nowhere near lacking, and the finishing is impeccable 😮 There’s just a bit of an issue with the painting in part of the skirt, but that might be me and my bad luck? Not sure how other people’s figures fair in that case, since I generally don’t bother looking at other people’s reviews ^^;

I can't believe I actually find such awesome hair "lacking"... It's the Feito-chan effect >.<

Then again... I don't remember Nanoha's hair to be the kind to spread out anyway


They should just give up on trying to use cool Engrish orz

And that’s that for the body part. I’m starting to realize that reviewing an almost perfect figure isn’t any fun lol I honestly don’t have all that much to say about it other than “it’s cool, yeah, no glitches, yeah” XD So, uhh, rather than saying more pointless stuff, let’s move onto the extra parts~

Gundam again!!

Dragon Ball gone pink?

Was very surprised to see that you could move around those 4 protruding things 😮

GUNDAM!!! *shot*

Okay okay, sorry about all the Gundam outbursts XD But I do remember reading somewhere that some of the Nanoha designs got taken from Gundam (or something along those lines) so I couldn’t help it XD I mean, the similarities really are undeniable with Raising Heart (and her several parts) :p

Let's be friends... STARLIGHT BREAKER!!!!!!!

*sigh* Epic Nanoha is epic ^^ And I think I’m getting too influenced by npal, but hey, awesome stuff are always awesome XD

So anyway, that pretty much ends my Nanoha review. Because I’m so awesome, you’re not gonna hear me complaining about her size or anything… ‘CAUSE SHE ACTUALLY FITS PERFECTLY BESIDE FEITO-CHAN!!! So what if they’re so high up I have to crane my neck to see them? XD At least I managed to put them together (and that includes Feito with Zamber form and Nanoha with the 4 extra parts~) and they look so so nice ^^ Which reminds me, since this is the last Alter StrikerS post I’ll be putting up (still can’t decide whether I’ll be getting the movie ones >.< probably not, since I think the Nendoroids are enough XD), I decided to take some group pictures of the Aces + Strikers~

Side by side for starters~

The Three Aces

Aces + Strikers!!

I feel bad about the Wolkies >.< But oh well, limited budget, can’t do anything about that >.< (Well okay, if I really wanted to, I could drop my CD purchases and buy the figures, but anison >>>> anime figures =x In my own list of preferences/priorities of course :p). Oh yeah, as you might have noticed, my room is too tiny, I actually had to move the figures to the dinning room to actually be able to take the group pic orz

Waah, let’s just hope that this was the last of the ridiculously big figures XD No way I have any space for another Feito-chan now lol

Anyway, thank you for putting up with my amateur reviews up until now~ I say that ’cause, as I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t know when my next figure will arrive (I currently have nothing reserved. Although, that Max Factory bikini Seena is very tempting… Oh, and I know I’ll definitely be getting that GSC Senjougahara once reservations for it are open *nods* Then there’s Miku: Koi wa Sensou that I also have my eyes set on, but again, reservations aren’t even open yet XD) so yeah, no idea when my next figure review will be. I will however, be getting the Nanoha Movie Nendoroids, but not sure they’ll be worth any serious review =/

So yah, that’s that. Look forward to whatever next useless stuff I have to comment next~ (and please ignore my previous post XD)


5 responses to “[Review] Takamachi Nanoha (Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) by Alter… And the 3 Aces are finally together (^o^)/

  1. npal March 10, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    White… Nanoha is still waiting for me :ppp

  2. super rats March 10, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    I had the same exact thoughts about Nanoha’s dress design when unboxing this.

  3. Anata March 11, 2010 at 10:57 am

    one word to say…AWESOME ^.^

    • Re-Hikari March 11, 2010 at 12:57 pm

      You said it :p Haha, I wonder if my reviews are starting to influence people into using the word “awesome” all the time XD It’s such a descriptive word :p (or maybe not lol)