[Review] Fate T. Harlaown by Alter… I'm still speechless…

Mesmerizing~ @.@

What the title says, I’m still speechless in the presence of this figure XD I could use all sorts of descriptive words like, awesome, amazing, breathtaking (ok maybe that’s starting to exaggerate things XD) but instead I’ll let the following images speak for themselves ^^

the box *rolls eyes*

Let’s just get done with that first and get it out of the way. Yes, the box was huge, but Hayate’s box was even bigger, so hah XD Oh yeah, the packaging box I got it in was BIG TIME HUGE though lol I mean, I got Hayate from our local anime shop, so I don’t know what kind of lol-big packaging it would’ve come in XD No picture of that though, ’cause as I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t have any decent camera at the time of the figure’s arrival, but I was dying to open it up anyway, so yeah, the box had to get pictured with my phone… orz But moving on~ ^^;


Side 1~

Side 2~


As usual, starting off with the front-sides-back routine. That last picture there should give you an idea of the awesomeness of the hair, ne? Oh yeah, I took the pictures without Bardiche so that it can be as clear as possible (and so that turning her around wouldn’t be a total hassle ^^;)

Close up~ (not a single glitch XD)

Moving away... Still no signs of imperfections :p

Since we’re getting on the topic, let me tell you that there aren’t any imperfections in the figure, except maybe a mess up they did with part of the hair that you can see in the very first picture of this post… Oh well, too perfect is boring too XD

I always thought Feito's fringe looked totally weird... Still do lol

Hole... Okay, so maybe the hair joints leave a bit to ask for >.<

My least favorite shot... But I guess that's why I'm putting it o.O;

The eyes lack a bit of... reddness? lol

Alright, so it seems that the closer something is to perfection, the more I complain about it or something… But I suppose that is human nature… We ask more of what can give more? Not that Fate can give any more. It’s up and set in my room already (at last) XP

Is it just me or is Alter going for bigger assets with all the chars in this series? XD

For some reason "air getting blown" around this area feels kinda wrong... *cough* sorry XP

I can't help but find all the shoe designs in Nanoha kinda funny =x

At least Fate gets proper English~ ^^

Going back up~ Slender back is shmexy =3

Macaroni hair!!! Okay, good thing I just had dinner, 'cause otherwise I'd get hungry now XD (me loves pasta =3)

It's calling you!! (yes yes, I just love the darn hair :p)

And this hand too ^^ (looks like it's gonna engulf the whole world :p)

You’ll notice that I’m putting more picture than dialogue in this post. It really is ’cause a picture can say more than a thousand words! And ’cause I’ve never really had a way with words anyway (I’m sadly limited by the word “awesome” orz), or that’s what npal claims >.<



Okay okay, I’ll try getting a bit serious again. *puts on arms* Aite, so that’s that for Bardiche-less Fate. Next up are shots of her with Riot Form (or Laiyotto, if we want to say it the Nana way =x). My personal preference is Zamber form of course, ’cause its big and impressive and awesome 😀 Oh, and ’cause it’s been around for a lot longer :p I’m just more used to it and stuff. But Riot has that cool chain-like thing too, although, as you’ll see from the images to come, it kinda loses its point between the mass of hair XD

Riot is cool, but its size makes it look like a butter knife XP

Is the thing inside the "crystal" normal? I can't remember right now...

It's kinda different on the other blade =/

The effect the blade gave to bg is nice ^^ (people who use uncool black bgs can't get that, bwahahaha)

This thing reminds me too much of Dragon Ball -_-;

See caption above :p But this shot looks cooler XD

swirl @.@

Dangerous Feito is dangerous >=D

I think I made it pretty clear that I’m not all that fond of Riot Form. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s hell cool, but I can’t help but think of the scene where we saw Zamber form for the first time, and compare it with when we saw Riot for the first time… Big difference, yes? Zamber was a lot more impressive XD Not that Riot was lacking, but I remember finding Nana’s “Pray” as a background song to that scene kind of unfitting and stuff, plus the way the whole scene ended was kinda meh, so yeah, Zamber brings back nicer memories :p Plus it’s big and cool! (yes, again :p)

Zamber's size makes it look like a proper knife too :p

More weird spots =/

Yes, I know I keep going on about the stuff that’s inside Bardiche’s crystal. I can’t help but think of how “clean” Hayate’s Schwert-Kreuz’s crystal was >.< But it’s not like it’s really bothering me or anything. It looks like a nice thunder effect and all, but that makes me think… Wouldn’t it have been cooler if it looked like the eye thing instead?

Putting Bardiche aside for a second, I really like the detail of the creases here ^^

Excuse the tiltedness ^^;

Did I mention how much I love this hand :p? Again, excuse the fetishes XD

I think too much of my room is being shown in this post ^^;

Bardiche really does look metalic here =3

Too much light >.< Was too lazy to put down the shutters ^^;

Imposing poses are imposing =3

Boy, moving Fate around with Zamber is such a PAIN >.< That’s why I just went for random shots that I could get one way or another instead of actually turning her around each time just to get the same background (’cause you know, the cupboards are kinda better suited for that than the rest of my room really ^^;). Oh btw, for anyone wondering about the sudden lack of posters, it’s cause I tried organizing them the other day, but ended up just moving most of them to another room or to the opposite wall XP I suppose I’ll keep this wall for the best posters from now on ;p

So anyway, hope you enjoyed this review, ’cause it’s about to end (at last! me can finally go back to playing Valkyria Chronicles!!) :p The cam I used to take these pics turned out much more decent than I originally thought (mostly ’cause it actually let me set the focus myself instead of focusing on whatever it wanted XD) but I suppose my laughable skills as a camerawoman plus the orz backgrounds took a lot away from the figure’s awesomeness. Then again, they do say that natural is best, ay?

I'll leave you to figure out which form's handle this is :p Like it's not obvious XD

Finally, this is what Feito-chan currently looks like in my room~

FYI, I took that last picture from my own eye level, so yes, she’s pretty high up >.< But really, that was the only place I could fit her >.< Even without Bardiche, she still wouldn’t fit inside the self… So I had to put her on top ^^; (had to throw away all the figure boxes I had stored there too T_T) But hey, at least she fits there with Zamber form!! How many people can say they’ve got this figure set up in their room with Zamber form out :p Heehee~ Anyway, don’t think that’ll last for long though, since I plan on putting Nanoha up there too >.< Oh yeah, Nanoha should be arriving some time this week btw~ Or that’s what the guy at our local anime shop told me XD (yes, I had to get it through them >.<)

Look forward to Nanoha, ’cause she’ll be the last figure I’ll be getting in a really long time now :p (I decided to cancel Miku: World is Mine after seeing that awesome Koi wa Sensou version at WonFes XD). Only thing related I’ll be getting somewhat soon are the Nanoha and Fate nendoroids, which are also something to really look forward to I suppose~


4 responses to “[Review] Fate T. Harlaown by Alter… I'm still speechless…

  1. Airi February 25, 2010 at 1:31 am

    Where did you buy this? You got a link? I might want to buy this as well ^^

    • Re-Hikari February 25, 2010 at 8:58 am

      I bought this figure through a US site called Kid Nemo (http://www.kidnemo.com/) but they’re sold out there… Actually, I believe this figure in particular is sold out pretty much on all the normal sites, so you might want to try your luck with eBay instead ^^; Or you can always wait for another relaunch and get it at sites like HobbyLink Japan (http://www.hlj.com), but I wouldn’t bet on that since the figure was restocked kind of recently (and got sold out immediately once again ^^;)

  2. Anata February 26, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    FYI she looks very AWESOME with nanoha and hayate…can’t wait for your review of nanoha ^.^

    • Re-Hikari February 26, 2010 at 10:44 pm

      Ooooh, that just made me look forward to it even more >_<

      I actually went to our anime shop today, but they said they still didn't receive it… They never get their stuff on time…

      Anyway, I'm also looking forward to the time I can actually review Nanoha lol ('cause it'll mean I'll have it by then :p)