[Review] GoodSmile Company's Morikawa Yuki + Ogata Rina [WHITE ALBUM]~ They look so pretty together @.@

Awesomeness x2

I originally thought of doing the review for each figure separately, since I awesomely asked HLJ to ship them separately (yes, I’m stupid), but ’cause of exams and stuff, both of them ended up arriving before I could write up the review for Yuki (since she arrived first). But anyway, exams are over (for anyone who cares, I did fine :p) and I’m currently grateful for them ’cause they made me wait for Rina to arrive. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about… It’s ’cause these two figure just HAVE to go together. Writing up separate reviews wouldn’t do either of them justice >.<

See? Even the boxes look nice together XD

In case you noticed, from now on I’ll be putting appropriate images on my PC to function as background for these kinds of reviews *nods* Not that having Nana in the bg is a bad thing (duh), but yeah, change is nice XD *cough* Anyway, even though I said that these two figures have to go together and stuff, its still appropriate to show each separately first right?


Side 1 (+slight panchira :p)

Side 2 (hair reminds me of Nichi's (from Tegami Bachi) o.O)


It’s pretty easy to notice the most outstanding thing, the hair. I really didn’t think it’d be this well done (kinda didn’t pay much attention to the prototype pictures ^^;). Sure, the figures have a lot of blemishes and the painting is far from great (as you’ll notice in the images to come), but hey, let’s not forget this thing’s price: 6,191 yen. Not really all that cheap if you remember old figures’ prices, but for the new stuff, it’s good (especially since we’re talking about GSC here too). If it were any more expensive (regardless of quality) I most likely wouldn’t have gotten it, since I hardly enjoyed White Album as a series. If anything, I might have bought Rina alone then (after all, it IS the closest we’ll ever get to a Nana figure :p), but now that I see them together, I’m glad I could get both ^^

Close-up (She looks so happy ^^ Most of my figures have serious looks >.<)

Left hand + mic could've definitely been better >.<;

Right hand is loads better *nods*

Lotsa detail on the clothes (particularily the creases and stuff)

The Grudge? lol

"Ooooh, such a cute skirt" was my Mom's comment when she saw the figure ^^;

Going down~

The thing on the base is a frikkin' STICKER. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy with that >_>

Proof of the above....

...and the camera suddenly looks up ^o^

That’s pretty much it for the Yuki round. I was quite satisfied with the figure as a whole, since my expectations for it weren’t all that great to begin with (I only bought it ’cause I wanted Rina, but figured she’d be lonely by herself :p). Even without using some super macro camera thingy, the “imperfections” of the figure are pretty obvious. Nothing noteworthy paint-wise either, but, as my Mom said, “she’s sooo cuuuuuuute”. Yeah, I’ll leave it at that ^^;

And now onto the star of my the show~

Front~ (and immediate panchira XP)

Side 1 (left hand looks like \m/ lol Hmm, Rocker Rina <3)

Side 2 (dangerous angle O.O)

Back~ ("Me me!! I know the answer!")

*drool* Wha- Oh, yes, review. Uhh… Isn’t she just gorgeous ^^? The hair in particular is LO-VE-LY =D I gotta say, I was a bit surprised when I was looking at the pictures to see that even a normal front shot shows Rina’s panties so clearly… (Hadn’t noticed while actually taking the picture XD) What can I say? Daring Rina is daring, but me likes her like that ^^ Strangely enough, Rina grew on me as a character a lot more than I thought she would. At first, it was the whole “singer voiced by Nana” thing that got me into her, but then she built up her own strong/awesome personality, and finally showed us such a sweet side in the second half of WHITE ALBUM, and it was just “love love love” then =3 *cough* Moving on~

Close up~ Crappy camera doesn't let me focus on the face properly >.<

Such a pretty(?) expresion =) But I think Yuki's matches Nana's usual one better o.O

Fail earing stuck to hair >.< *remembers price* Oh well =/

Anyone remember the "Nana grew boobs" incident XD? Told you Nana overdid it :p

Did I mention how much I LOVE the hair? Did I? But ribbons are kinda off XD

Looks like she's about to do a "RINA KIIKU" thing o.O Or knee hit or something :p

"Pretty red shoes" was my Mom's comment yet again... I like the painting of the socks ^^ (and the zettai ryouiki =x)

Yuki's sticker got perfectly centered even though I wasn't trying. I tried my best with Rina's, and got it slightly off T_T

"I'll kick you if you try peeking!" Haha, too late =D

*drooooool* Just let me be will ya? But I suppose we’re getting close to the end, so lets just finish this >.< Uhh, as you can see, painting is kinda fail, especially on the shirt thing, but at the end of the day, they’re details that you’re not gonna see unless you come really close and start inspecting and stuff. The important thing is that they look nice (damn, they both got my MOM’s approval!! Even though she’s always grumbling whenever a figure arrives o.O) Funnily enough, they also make my room look somewhat more girly 😮 But no worries, Fate and Nanoha should be arriving soon, and they’ve got enough weaponry on them to make up for this XD

Anyway, gonna finish this off with some duet shooting, since, well, as I keep saying, they look best together~


Then they show you their backs and wave good bye (not :p)

This is the current view that would greet you as you enter my room. Well, if you're as tall as a 9 year old anyway ^^;

The end~

Please excuse that last picture… I have no idea how it could turn out so awesomely tilted without me noticing >.< *bows* Sumimasen… But let’s just take it as an artistic concert shot or something :p

So yeah, long posts are long, but it did have twice the usual goodness anyway, so all is good ^^ I don’t think I need to say this any more, but I’m really happy with these two figures. One day I’ll find the guts and try fixing some of the blemishes, but for now, they’re fine as they are =)

Look forward to whatever figure arrives next~ (Should be Fate or Nanoha, ’cause Miku seems to have vanished o.O I’ll get her eventually though, no worries *nods*)


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